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We Are Home

Limited Edition Signed Print

Proceeds will benefit CDCK's Capital Campaign for an Operations and Intake Center


In recognition of CDCK's Capital Campaign for a DC-based Operations and Intake Center, CDCK has commissioned local artist David Labrozzi to create a limited edition signed and numbered print entitled "We Are Home" that highlights DC's passion and commitment to rescued animals. In this vintage-style print, David captures the joy and hope felt by newly rescued animals as they are welcomed into DC for placement in a permanent and loving home. As their lives are transformed, the days of abandonment, hunger, and loneliness begin to fade away, 

Proceeds will benefit CDCK's Capital Campaign for an Operations and Intake Center, for which we now have secured over 60% of the funding from over 1,000 donors. This signed and numbered print will be available in limited supply (no more than 250 will be printed!), so people interested in purchasing this print should do so soon!  

Celebrate DC's love for animals and the amazing community that has enabled CDCK to rescue over 9,000 dogs and cats in 10 years! Order this beautiful limited edition and signed print today to display at your home or office or as a holiday gift. It will not only bring you joy but will help make CDCK's dream of a permanent home in DC a reality.

We Are Home | Limited Edition Signed Print | 90/100 Remaining

Original artwork designed by local artist, David Labrozzi and printed by local and women-owned Dodge Chrome.  

Limited edition. Each print is signed and numbered.

Printed on 24 x 36 in. matte acid-free fine-art paper with archival pigment inks (unframed).

NOTE: The image here is watermarked. The final print will not display the watermark.


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Speaking personally, it has been an enlightening experience to learn more about the dedicated efforts of City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue and the folks who volunteer themselves to help find homes for these wonderful pets/companions. Truly it has been my honor to share in their noble cause and this vital campaign.

It is my hope that the print we have created together will support those Capitol Campaign efforts—raising funds for a permanent home for City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue. Indeed, it is designed toward this goal.

Much like so many who have come to make Washington D.C. their home, so do the dogs and cats who are fortunate enough to find their way to D.C. metro families through CDCK. In fact, this campaign and this image are a celebration of arrival—a time to rejoice!

we are home.

D. Labrozzi

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About the Artist

David Labrozzi is an artist working in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region of the United States. His work has been shown and awarded in a number of shows both local and national.

Mr. Labrozzi attended Virginia Commonwealth University from 1990-1993. He received his BFA in 1993, his major was illustration.

From 1993-2013 Mr. Labrozzi worked in the capacity of illustrator and graphic designer. While continuing his personal work in parallel with this career, Mr. Labrozzi participated in and received a number of awards for his work—both in communication and fine arts. 

In 2010 Mr. Labrozzi received his MFA from the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School. Soon after this, he began teaching part-time as an adjunct faculty of the University of Maryland, University College in Adelphi, MD. 

Mr. Labrozzi’s gallery work from 2008-present has been centered around the subject of perceived motion on the static picture plane. More information on this may be found in Mr. Labrozzi’s artist statement. He pursued this subject as his thesis during his MFA at the University of Hartford. His thesis provides insight into some of his early work in this area.

His current gallery works are meant as a social form of art. This stems from his background in the communication arts as well as his feeling of the need for works to be inclusive to the broadest audience.

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A New Operation Center for a Lifesaving Rescue

Help City Dogs & City Kittie Rescue fund our forever home. CDCK needs a dedicated building in Washington, D.C., so that its lifesaving work may continue with a sense of stability and permanence for volunteers, staff, the community, and, of course, the thousands of dogs and cats whose lives depend upon the organization.

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