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You’ve lived a fulfilling life and you're ready to take the next steps to improve your longevity even more. You’ve heard doctors or others talk about the importance of self care, but let’s face it, it’s not easy to know what to do or how to implement such a program for yourself or a loved one. You’re willing to learn and practice better choices but where do you start? You just need help and support to get started and maintain such a lifestyle. 

This program has been specifically created to support individuals that are at risk or in early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease along with one caregiver. This includes those that have a focus on prevention and have related concerns such as concussions, and other contributing factors which may impact their longevity. As well as a number of days of in-house intensive treatment, several simple techniques will be shared for you and your caregivers to take home.  

During these 7-days you will have the opportunity to learn, practice and receive these holistic resources for longevity while having the exclusive use of an executive appointed hot springs near one of the most breathtaking areas in the US.  

Because we are focused on each individual, this program will allow for only 6 clients with one caregiver accompanying each person. However, It is not necessary to have a caregiver in attendance as the program is also designed for those to come on their own. This is a small group program designed to fulfill a number of goals: 

  • Promote overall longevity and wellbeing
  • Prevent memory issues from occurring before they arrive.
  • A very dedicated treatment and training program to help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. 

What to expect:

Each client and caregiver will receive specialized information about exercise, nutrition and meditation during the 7-day retreat. Each client receives CranioSacral therapy every day while caregivers are supported as a group on lifestyle planning and ideas on how to bring this healthier lifestyle home. Caregivers can also expect to receive CranioSacral treatments during the week.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST): This light touch technique will help encourage your body to flush out the toxins that may be causing symptoms. You will receive a minimum of 3-4 hours daily of intensive multi-hands therapy administered by a staff of dedicated CST professionals working together as a team.  

Meditation instruction: Meditation helps quiet the mind and bring attention inward. Meditation can also bring about clarity and decrease the atrophy in the hippocampus (in the brain). This mediation instruction Is specifically tailored to you so that you can dramatically reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

Nutritional support: Feeding your body good nutrition is essential for a healthy body and healthy aging. You will be invited to presentations on how to prepare nourishing and appealing meals at home. This way you have the opportunity to continue decreasing neuro inflammation associated with memory challenges and reversing metabolic damage that may have been caused over time. 

Exercise, massage and hot springs: Research has shown that even 30 minutes a day of light exercise can improve metabolic response. Our exercise professional is on hand to provide coaching for you on how to establish an easy exercise program at home. You also have the opportunity to treat yourself to a massage and ongoing access to the healing hot springs right outside the door. 

Location and room accommodations: Sleeping Child Hot Springs is located in the Rocky Mountains south of Missoula, Montana. This expansive 40-acre estate sits at 4600 ft. elevation 6 miles from the nearest neighbor & is surrounded by Bitterroot National Forest on all sides with private gated access.

The resort grounds are well groomed with a 30×60 hot spring pool, sauna and two hot tubs which are heated by the natural hot springs & fire pit near the pool. The geothermal heating from the natural artesian hot springs heats the entire property (130 degree F and 200 gpm). There are beautiful mountain views even though it is tucked away for solitude and privacy. The resort property has a paved drive from the county road and is adjacent to forest service and state land. 

Each client and one caregiver will enjoy a king size room to refresh and restore in for the week.


All meals are included. Please let us know if you have any special diet requirements. Meals will be served as a group so that you can socialize with the other participants of the retreat.

Covid-19 Protocol

  1. Vaccine preferred
  2. Recent negative covid-19 test (details to follow)
  3. Masks must be worn at all times during therapy sessions and as appropriate
  4. Sign and agree to the Health waiver and guidelines document

Please contact us for more information and to schedule a personal consultation.


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