Special Online Workshop Series: The Stories We Leave Behind

with author and Laura Gilbert, Ph.D.

The Stories We Leave Behind is a legacy-based approach to preserving our stories while dealing with the stuff we’ve acquired over a lifetime. Rather than asking which items we can live without, The Stories We Leave Behind asks:

1. How do I want to be remembered?

2. How do I want to live today?

3. What themes and stories shape your legacy?

In the process you’ll highlight cherished items that tell a legacy story, identify and address distractors, minimize challenging decisions for loved ones, and reclaim space, time, and energy for you.

Join us for this interactive presentation! Topics include:

     How we got to this point

     Baby boomers - where the buck (and hutch) stops and why

     How and why to identify & preserve the top 3-5 themes of your life

     Tips to engage others in the process

What stories will you leave behind?

What will I learn in this first introductory session? Participants will learn they are far from alone in this challenge, how we arrived at a tipping point for how stories are passed on, and some tips to get started saving your stories and reclaiming your space.

A five-session workshop will be available in the following weeks for participants interested in developing a personalized action plan.

The 5-week workshop is a hands-on opportunity to create a personalized action plan to save your best stories and reclaim your space. Each week we will tackle one aspect of the process:

     Being ready

     Envisioning tomorrow

     Discovering your themes

     Curating and casting items

     Tackling the stuff

Together we will explore ways to connect as a group in an online format. The first and last 15 minutes of each program will be reserved for sharing and a time of Q&A.


Your Instructor

Laura Gilbert is a retired policy analyst and musician. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota and a J.D. from Hamline University School of Law. Laura is also a long-distance caregiver for her 96-year old mother (and all her stuff). Follow Laura’s blog here. Laura’s book is available on Amazon here and at the Grateful Table in Roseville Minnesota

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This mini-course series is set up to build upon one another as you progress from the Introduction Session throughout the next 5 sessions, for a total of 6 workshops.

In order to allow the greatest amount of flexibility in your current schedules, we have provided two options on each session to choose from - Monday Daytime sessions and Wednesday Evening sessions. Please be sure to register yourself for one session each week, but you may choose from either a daytime or an evening session based upon what works most effectively for your schedule.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!


A 90 minute intro session to The Stories We Leave Behind; A Legacy-Based Approach to Dealing with Stuff.

In this session you'll hear how I decided the buck (and hutch) would stop with me - and how I rewrote the stories I'll leave behind and now can live fully today.

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SESSION 1: Be Ready

Identify emotional sticking points that get in the way of action and ideas to work through them.

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SESSION 2: Envision Tomorrow

Build a great reward by reviving your vision for these encore years.

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SESSION 3: Discover Your Themes

Identify themes that have shaped your life and what you bring to loved ones and the world.

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SESSION 4: Curate and Cast Items

Select items to bring your themes to life.

Register Session 4 - DAYTIME

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SESSION 5: Tackle the Stuff

How to start and keep going.

Breaking through three common roadblocks: passing things along to family, sentimentality, and presumed monetary value.

Creative donation ideas. Where to start when you are helping someone else.

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