Servant leadership has been studied for decades, if not longer. Information and research on servant leadership abounds, while little empirical data is found on how to servant lead. Definitions of this leadership style seem to help but so many misconceptions around servant leadership cause some to dismiss it while others apply it inappropriately.


Leadership development in general focuses heavily on strategies and tactics with less time on mindset and intention. This is why true leadership change is rare. Behavior in leadership and in life, comes from core beliefs and mindsets, many of which we are unaware of. So, while a new tactic can be learned, if the core mindset behind the old behavior is not addressed, that old behavior will return.


To truly embody servant leadership, you must embrace the core mindsets of servant leadership.


This book honors the foundational research laid by Greenleaf, Russel and Stone, Blanchard, and other thought leaders, and explores the core ideas necessary to embody servant leadership. Servant Leader Mindset will help you adopt the mindsets that create great organizations and teams, that solve community problems and heal broken systems-all without sacrificing self. If embraced, the concepts in this book will create more fulfillment at work and life and create a greater connection to that ‘something bigger’ you’ve always wanted.

Servant Leader Mindset

Discover the mindsets that lead to true servant leadership and the pathway of change to get there.



About the Author

Shannon Lee is a teacher turned nonprofit leader. Fueled by her own self-created frustrations at work, she saw the need for addressing belief systems misaligned with her goals and everyday experiences. Her pursuit of this endeavor gave way to the CARE leadership model, which has become the flagship program here at Relā. Through her work at Relā and in coaching others, Shannon saw how the CARE model made servant leadership accessible and able to create leadership change due to the heavy emphasis on mindset. Today, Shannon leads the strategic direction for Relā, taking these mindsets and the CARE model for leadership to as many people as possible through workshops, intensives and coaching. Shannon resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Kristofer who together have three amazing adult children and two Shit Tzu’s, Sammie and Gunner.