We're excited to announce that we're offering founder's packs to our players, as a way for you to support the development of Age of Ascent while receiving unique and valuable rewards.  

Gamma Founder's Pack


Delta Founder's Pack


Omega Founder's Pack


In Age of Ascent we'll be offering lots of opportunities for players to customize how they are seen in the galaxy. Our unique founder's aesthetic rewards are only available to purchase during the Alpha and Beta stages, but you get to keep them forever! Each founder's tier comes with it's own unique avatar, title and frame, collect them all!

Prestige is Age of Ascent's premium currency, a resource players can use to purchase both aesthetic and quality of life enhancements. Note: Age of Ascent is not a "Pay to Win" game, spending prestige will never give you an advantage in combat.  

When using the Prestige coupon, you'll receive 20% extra prestige on your next prestige purchase when it becomes available to buy! And, these coupons do not have an expiration date.

Supporters who purchase the Delta and Omega tier founder's pack will have access to a unique style of shuttle, the "Navette" premium shuttle. While shuttles have no place in combat, they are great for when you need to get somewhere fast...and with the unique founder's variant you can do just that, but with style. Note: The Navette is an aesthetic variant and has no performance advantage over the default shuttle. Variants are never removed from your pilot's assets, even when destroyed in combat.

Reserved for the most generous of Age of Ascent founders, the "Lux" is a unique transport ship that gives a bonus when conducting MVP transport missions between stations. This luxurious space yacht will only be available to founders, so make sure to get yours before they're no longer available.

As a thank you for supporting Age of Ascent in its development, we're extending Closed Alpha access to Omega Tier Founders. Be on the ground floor of Age of Ascent's development and enjoy direct communication with the developers through the development forums - you could help shape the growth of the galaxy! 


These founder’s packs are for people who would like to show their ultimate support for Age of Ascent and help us continue to develop the game while also rewarding you with some cool extra stuff. Thank you to everyone who purchases this for your support and contribution. You’ve really gone above and beyond!

We are preparing for scheduled Alpha sessions, and you will be able to participate in these if you purchase the Omega founder’s pack. For the other packs and for all other benefits purchased, you will be able to unlock them and apply them to your chosen pilot when we go live with Beta, currently planned for the end of 2020. Age of Ascent founder’s packs will not be available following the full game launch, so what you get now will always be unique!

Age of Ascent founder’s packs are non-refundable. You will be able to activate them from the time we go live with Beta. You can purchase only one founder’s pack per pilot in your player account, and you will need to assign it to a specific pilot (at time of activation). When you make a purchase, you will get an email containing a special coupon with a unique code to activate each founder’s pack, and it is for single use only. 

If you have any questions, please contact accounts@illyriad.co.uk

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