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COVID-19 impact on Health Coverage for

Immigrant Communities

Jan 2020 - Oct 2020

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13% of immigrants choose to remain uninsured during COVID-19 2020 period as opposed to 3%

Due to unemployment benefits and stimulus checks, many immigrants experienced a rise in their monthly premiums for healthcare coverage. About 13% choose to remain uninsured as the uncertainty of employment benefits lingered on for several months. Normally, the "Choosing to remain uninsured rate lingers around 3%.

Medicaid Applicants increased by 33% due to Job loss

About 33% of the insured became eligible for Medicaid due to the loss of their jobs. However, thanks to Obamacare, they were able to keep their healthcare coverage and remained insured.

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Many Seniors considered taking early retirement as they became DUAL-Eligible

Many immigrant seniors were able to get FREE consultations on how to decrease their healthcare costs by qualifying for Medicaid as their supplemental coverage or having a special Rx, medication, plan.

Small Business Health Options Program, SHOP

A special ACA/Obamacare program for small business owners, SHOP, can help with health coverage for the entire family and/or the employees. Healthcare costs are tax-deductible. Numerous details apply.

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