Get Outside Yakima!

Please Be Sure to Follow Social Distancing Guidelines

of 6 Feet of Space Between All People

Here is a Collection of Free Activities and Directions Provided By Our Local Public Green Spaces and Outdoor Organizations In and Around Yakima for You and Your Family!

There is so much to do and see outside, what better time to connect with the outdoors and enjoy our public lands and local green spaces than now! Please be sure to follow health and safety guidelines set by local, state, and federal officials for social distancing and sanitation. Page will be updated with new information as it comes.

Outdoor Activities for Anyone, Anywhere!


Please Be Sure to Follow Social Distancing Guidelines

of 6 Feet of Space Between All People

Here is a general list of fun suggestions and activities for individuals and families to do on their own at their own house or at many of our urban green spaces.

  • Go for a walk, jog, or run on a trail or around your neighborhood with your family and pets
  • Have a picnic
  • Start a bird watching list
  • Prepare your yard and/or garden for spring
  • Do some star gazing at night
  • Make a fort in your backyard
  • Go fishing at a local pond or lake
  • Make a nature journal and see how things change from winter to spring
  • Bring the toys outside
  • Do an art project outside and/or with natural materials from outside
  • Chalk art in your driveway

Remember to wave to your friends and neighbors, feel free to wave to animals and plants as well, who knows, they may need it too!

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Suggestions for activities and organizations to add to this page? Email Garrett at for recommendations.

Yakima Area Arboretum


The Yakima Area Arboretum is an urban green space and refuge on 46 acres of land cultivated as display gardens, tree collections, and natural areas. Visit for a nature walk, a scavenger hunt, to study, to get photos, for a day trip with the kids, or just because, and you will discover why the Yakima Area Arboretum is one of the most beautiful places in central Washington, and a treasured part of its community.

The Arboretum grounds are open but the Jewett Interpretive Center and outdoor restroom facilities are closed at this time. Thank you.

Download Self-Guided Activities at the Arboretum

What to look for at the Arboretum

  • The Magnolias, Cherries, Maples, and a few others are starting to show their spring blossoms. Be on the lookout for white, pink, and red flowers over by the joyful garden and around the rose garden.
  • There is all kinds of life to be found around the Arboretum, be on the lookout for birds like the Great Blue Heron or the Belted Kingfisher by the pond, or mammals like deer and rabbits around the north end of grounds.

Cowiche Canyon Conservancy

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Cowiche Canyon Conservancy (CCC) is working to connect people to nature. We are a non-profit land trust in Yakima, Washington protecting our shrub-steppe habitat – a unique landscape made up of sagebrush and grasslands, flowering meadows, oak woodlands, and basalt cliffs. CCC owns and manages over 5,000 acres of land and provides more than 30 miles of trails for outdoor recreation. We conserve these natural areas and connect people to them through recreation and education.

During this public health crisis, CCC encourages safe and socially responsible use of its trails. This means keeping at least six feet apart from other trail users. It also means traveling alone or with immediate family members only. If trailhead parking lots are full, please be considerate of where you park – ie. please do not park in front of a neighbor’s driveway or mailbox.

Download Self-Guided Activities at

Cowiche Canyon and Snow Mountain Ranch

What to look for at the Canyon and Snow Mountain Ranch

  • In the canyon, look out for wildlife like the Canyon Wren and the Bullock’s Oriole, Beaver or playful River Otter, Yellow-bellied Marmot and more. In the Uplands, above the canyon, some early wildflowers include Sagebrush Violet, Goldstar, Grass Widow, Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Shooting Star, and many lomatium species.  

  • Snow Mountain Ranch turns into a rainbow of color in the spring. In the lowlands, find lush green meadows of Great Basin Wild Rye as well as native trees like Garry Oak, Quaking Aspen, and Peachleaf Willow. In the hills above, find vast fields of early purple and gold wildflowers. Also, be on the lookout for birds like Yellow-breasted Chat and Lazuli Bunting, which are common along the trail. Higher up, listen for the melodious Western Meadowlark or look up to see birds of prey like Red-tailed Hawk, American Kestrel, and Peregrine Falcon.  
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Photo Credit: David Hagen

Yakima Greenway


The Yakima Greenway works to conserve, enhance and maintain the Yakima Greenway as a continuing living resource for future generations and boasts more than 20 miles of paved pathway, as well as parks, fishing lakes, picnic areas, playgrounds, and river access landings, along with protected and natural areas. Greenway facilities are free and open to the public year round, dawn to dusk. The Greenway is the perfect place for walking, bird watching, fishing, running, biking, and enjoying healthy outdoor activity. The Yakima Greenway is a favorite place enjoyed and supported by thousands of residents and visitors each year. There is no place like it in the Yakima Valley!

The Greenway will be opening up all parking lots for trail access but will keep all playgrounds and restrooms closed. Thank you.

View Self-Guided Activities at Yakima Greenway

What to do on the Greenway

  • Go for a walk, jog, or ride on the paved path
  • Take your furry friend along, make a stop at the off-leash dog park at Sherman Park
  • Go fishing at one of the ponds and lakes
  • And so much more!
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Other Resources and Ideas for Activities

Please Be Sure to Follow Social Distancing Guidelines

of 6 Feet of Space Between All People

Other Great Local Green Spaces:

Yakima City Parks Website

Washington State Parks Website

National Park Service Website

Website Links for Online Educational Information:

PBS NOVA Website

National Geographic Website

Pacific Science Center Website

Smithsonian Institute Website

Smithsonian National Zoo Live Cams

Seattle Aquarium Live Cams

Coronavirus COVID-19 Information Links:

Yakima Health District Website

Washington Department of Health Website

Centers for Disease Control Website

How Can You Support Your Local Green Spaces?

Many of our local greens spaces are run by non-profits that rely on the support of their members and the communities they serve.

Consider making a donation, signing up for a membership, or even volunteering time and resources to help ensure our local green spaces continue and grow.

We all look forward to talking and shaking hands with you all once again and having events, walks, talks, and classes for Yakimanians to enjoy in the near future. Stay safe and stay healthy!