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December 15, 2020 | December 29, 2020

You are cordially invited to join the December 2020 Healing Circles.

These virtual circles are scheduled at 7pm Eastern.

You can register to attend monthly or, over six months.


They are online gatherings that bring you into a safe space with others just like you. Participants receive unique insights and tools, answers to their questions, and a guided visualization/

meditation to rest, relax and release what no longer serves them.

Healing Circles provide a powerful excellent opportunity to expand your awareness

of yourself and your gifts. They are facilitated by Michelle J. Howe and

DiAnne Berry - both seasoned Empaths and Healers.

If you have questions about Healing Circles, don't hesitate to

contact us at

Can’t attend live on a certain date?

No worries. All registrants receive the recording the next day.

Healing Circles - December 2020

Healing Circles are faciliated by a seasoned healer with others just like you. They are scheduled twice each month at 7pm Eastern. They include a short introduction with teachings and answers to your questions followed by a guided meditation to relax, release and revitalize. 


Healing Circles - Bundle (6 Months)

Join two Healing Circles each month from December 2020 to May 2021 with two seasoned healers at 7pm Eastern. They include a short introduction with teachings and answers to your questions - followed by a guided meditation to relax, release and revitalize. 


Our Facilitators


MICHELLE J. HOWE is the founder and president of Empath Evolution. She helps those who are naturally intuitive and introspective discover their greatest gift. 

Michelle is a powerful channel of high-vibrational, healing energies. She’s a perpetual student of life, holds many healing certifications, and is a graduate of Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program. 

Michelle educates and empowers her clients to be intentional - to claim their own feelings, release their emotional pain, and embrace their own evolution as an Empath.


DIANNE BERRY is an author and creator of Fountains of Light. A place to find valuable techniques for self-care during times of crisis, safely seek answers to your difficult questions, and align your life with your soul purpose.

DiAnne has seen the need to “put your oxygen mask first.” To that end she certified in BodyTalk, Accunect, and Guided Light Healing so she would know how to facilitate you putting on your own oxygen mask. 

DiAnne leads workshops on self-care, intuition, and becoming skilled with your empathic gifts.


Michelle's guided meditations helped me go where I had never gone before. I began my healing

journey. This has vastly improved every aspect of my once broken world that was filled with

suffering. I have found true joy, peace, strength and bliss. I strongly encourage anyone that feels

this resonates to them, to participate in a healing circle. Come and experience for yourself what

lies within you. The joy that is waiting to be lived and embraced. I have so much gratitude for

Michelle, and for the entire community of Empath Evolution.

~ Debbie Ferraro

I began to work with Michelle in March of this year, I was deep into grieving for my wife who passed

unexpectedly in November, I’ve also suffered a lot of trauma and abuse in my life and spent plenty of

time in therapy, which only got me so far. Working with Michelle and the personalized guidance and

tools she has given me I am now in a completely different place, my whole perspective has changed,

I have more clarity about the gifts I didn’t realize I had and I’m on a path of inner healing that is

turning into the most amazing experience of my life, a thousand thank you’s aren’t enough. Thank

you Michelle.

~ George Day

Thank you Michelle for the beautiful journey you lead us on last night. I felt scrubbed clean, shiny and new. Beyond the meditation I get a lot out of the discussion before and after. You always have great little golden nuggets of knowledge. Before the meditation last night you talked a bit about when we are around someone with wounds/pain that they will tune into our own hidden wounds/pain. Because we have been through a hard experience and have a hidden wound from it that makes us a magnet for the same pain and we draw it in. We have to shine a light on that wound and clear it out so we don't draw in others pain. I'm paraphrasing what you said; I hope I communicated it clearly. Sometimes words aren't my friends. My point is that after you talked about this you apologized for "going off on a tangent". I want you to know that I am the one that needed to hear that (and probably others). When you talked about this it was like a little breeze on my mind that said "hey, you know this, you just have to remember it". Now to turn this remembering into KNOWING.

Again, thank you for shining your light so we can shine ours.

~ Patti Ponzi


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