• A bus pass will be issued with the purchased number of rides. For example, 20 rides per card, a student may have more than one card if purchased more than 20 rides.
  • To limit misplaced cards and contactless check-in, the bus driver/check-in staff person punches the card at the time of use and will keep it on the bus/with the driver for safekeeping.
  • Purchased rides will roll over if not used in one month. For the status of rides remaining on a pass, inquire with the elementary front office.
  • Cards will have the student's name and number. One card per student.

How to Purchase

In-person at the elementary front office M-Th 9 AM to 1 PM

By phone 505-979-5590 Ext 3012 M-Th 9 AM to 1 PM

Online 24 hours a day

Cards will be issued within 24 hours when purchased online. Please plan accordingly.

*** When purchasing for multiple students

We recommend purchasing the number of rides anticipated for the total household. Then in the comment section indicate the names and grades of each student with the number of rides designated to each student. Example: 40 rides purchased and comment Jane Smith 4th grade, Joe Smith 5th grade - 20 each

Bus Pass One Way Ride

Fee for one way ride on busĀ 


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