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Apr 13

NJ Esther Call

In the heart of Trenton, NJ, we ask for your presence and that of your congregations to grace our communion gathering.

Resting Place, Ali Ferrell
Pray NJ, Patricia Wenzel
House of Worship, Christian Allan
The Crossing, George Matthew Clash
Kathy Bischell Ministries
Christian International Church, Eric Butler
Life Center Church NYC, Tammie White
and many more!

New Jersey State House
Trenton, NJ 08608
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Apr 13, 2024 12:00pm - Apr 13, 2024 03:00pm

$0.00 - $5.00

There are moments in history when a door for massive change opens. Great revolutions for good or for evil occur in the vacuum created by these openings. It is in these times that key men and women, even entire generations, risk everything to become the hinge of history: that pivotal point that determines which way the door will swing.

Esther was a hinge of history woman. She was an orphan Jew in pagan Persia, was adopted by Mordecai her uncle, and then taken because of her beauty into an evil king’s harem. She was then appointed by the unseen dancing hand of Providence into the position of Queen of Persia. There at that time the king promoted the wicked Haman who issued a decree of destruction against the all the Jews of the Persian empire. Suddenly thrust into a do or die defining moment, she chose to risk her life by going into the king’s presence illegally, rather than live for self-preservation. There she made intercession before the king and in so doing she saved the Jews worldwide from genocide. 

Now, her story has become the divine template and inspiration for every generation who lives under the shadow of anti-Christ legislation, persecution, and anti-family ideologies which threaten to destroy the very social fabric and foundations that a nation was built upon, was preserved by, and by which it prospered. 

Welcome to the American Crisis! 

Welcome to a new Esther Moment!

With fervor and zeal, we extend this invitation to all believers, summoning you to join us in this divine endeavor. Together, let us usher in a wave of revival, igniting the flames of hope and faith in the hearts of all who yearn for redemption. I will see you at the NJ capital building in Trenton on April 13, 2024!

In unity and anticipation,

Rich Monaco

Ali Ferrell