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Nov 15

IES Toronto: November 2023 Technical Luncheon

We will continue to meet in Riga Hall at the Latvian Cultural Centre on the third Wednesday of the month. We are looking forward to seeing our section come together to share and celebrate lighting knowledge and advancement through in-person discussion.

We look forward to seeing you in person!

  • “It was wonderful to attend the IES luncheon in person. I forgot how great it is to be in the company of our very special lighting community. Looking forward to resuming in-person attendance in the future, so glad we're back!” – Deborah Gottesman, Principal | Gottesman Associates

  • “I am new to this lighting community, having completed the FOL course in early 2023. As an experienced interior designer, I am keen to continue learning about the science, technologies, and resources in the lighting world. Attending the IES luncheons in person gives me the chance to connect with lighting professionals, enhancing collaboration opportunities. I look forward to seeing what is next…” – Julie Lang, Senior Interior Designer | Salter Pilon Architecture Inc.

November Technical Luncheon

"Emerging & Converging Trends & Technologies"


Date: Wednesday, November 15th, 2023

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm


In-person Fee: $50.00 (IES Members) / $75.00 (Non-Members) / $80.00 (at the door)

Latvian Canadian Centre
4 Credit Union Dr, Toronto, ON M4A 2N8
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Nov 15, 2023 11:45am ET - Nov 15, 2023 01:00pm ET

Presentation Summary

Emerging & Converging Trends & Technologies

Some people fight change and others are excited by it. Lighting professionals who find change exciting are living in the best possible time. Changes shaping our future can be seen as distant objects are perceived. We can see the shape and inevitability of what is coming. It is clear that electric light is morphing into other trades and products.  

This convergence places electric light as a common thread through many emerging trends and technologies. Smart Cities rely on what were once streetlighting poles but now serving as digital platforms to also power vehicles, detect air quality, charge drones, and provide media and communication tools for activities and autonomous vehicles. Nano scale sources make further miniaturization possible and will accelerate the integration of electric lighting into the electrical infrastructure of our built environments.  

Establishing the impact of light on our health and the potential for light to support plant attributes, especially for food, are exciting fields of exploration. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual, augmented, and parallel realities, 3D printing, new material applications of graphene, bioluminescence, and new ways to generate light will affect all of us in the lighting community. Join us for a discussion of the forces of change that are reshaping our industry and propelling us into a new reality.

Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize the pertinent lighting industry developments in the past year. 
  • Analyze emerging trends & the impact they will have on them and their company.. 
  • Gain insight regarding lighting trends and the future of the industry.

This course will qualify for 1 CEU credits.


Mark Lien , – Augmented Illumination

Mark has designed interior and exterior lighting systems for a wide range of applications including residential, municipal, retail, healthcare, energy audit retrofits and both conventional and nuclear power plants. He started his lighting career by managing home centers and a lighting center with a staff of fourteen. Mark has provided lighting education while working, presenting, and teaching across four continents. He serves on over twenty lighting related committees including ASHRAE, ANSI, IEEE, IUVA, IDA and the IES. As a part of his work, he monitors over 100 lighting related organizations analyzing their impact on the lighting industry. Mark is a multi-award-winning futurist focused on the lighting industry.


Mark is a columnist for Lighting Design and Application Magazine writing on the changes in our industry and he hosts a podcast on lighting trends and technologies. Mark has served on multiple boards and is currently on several executive committees advising various organizations. Mark ran the educational centers for both Cooper and Hubbell Lighting and was the Director of Government & Industry Relations for OSRAM SYLVANIA before joining the Illuminating Engineering Society. He serves as lighting consultant to the IES today through his company, Augmented Illumination.  


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