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Oct 16

2023-2024 NTMCA Membership Registration

$0.00 - $50.00

The NORTH TEXAS MUNICIPAL CLERKS ASSOCIATION (NTMCA) is an organization of City Clerks and Secretaries working together to assist and support each other in their positions with municipal government.


NTMCA exists because City Secretaries and Clerks are a viable part of municipal government who want to perform their duties in an effective and economical manner and are dedicated to helping others by sharing experiences, procedures, and solutions to common problems.

NTMCA provides a range of programs and activities to assist City Secretaries and Clerks in achieving their goals of professionalism.

NTMCA produces a monthly newsletter highlighting meetings and informative programs held each month. Position announcements and appointments are also included in the newsletter.

NTMCA sponsors an annual Professional Seminar each year of general interest for all City Secretaries and Clerks.