couple conflict

In this interactive workshop you will receive an hour and a half of power packed learning, exploration and practice that will help you shift from blame to connection!

Participants Share:

"Since immersing myself in learning and practicing NVC I feel enlivened to continue my healing and encouraged and curious about serving and supporting my clients who are stuck in unresolved hurt and conflict in their primary relationships." Teena Evert, Couples Therapist

"There have been very few experiences in my life as profound and inspirational as my exposure to Nonviolent Communication. Simply put, through the practice of NVC and the consciousness I am able to cultivate, I show up in the world and move through the world as the person I want to be.” Bob Mark, Human Services Director


Don't Blame Me! Blame Hurts!

And it doesn't work for building connection!

  • You try to express yourself and end up starting a fight.
  • You just want some understanding and a new way to do things and just get defensive explanations.
  • Maybe you struggle to ask for what you want.

This workshop is for you if you want to know the key mindset that will unlock blame & change everything.

Learn 4 specific things to communicate to insure people receive your message better.

April 20, 10-11:30am MDT/Colorado

Investment $20.

Create New Patterns of Communication without Blame!


Your Facilitator

Enjoy learning and practicing the skills and consciousness of Compassionate Communication/Nonviolent communication with CNVC Certified Trainer Kathy Ziola, MA. author of “Live Compassion,” Nonviolent Communication trainer, therapist, and communication coach. Kathy brings forty years of rich life experience, education, and professional skill as a trainer and transformation facilitator to support your learning. 

Kathy has been immersed in the practice and teaching of Nonviolent Communication since 2005. Her passion lies in authenticity, living with presence and compassion, and helping others do the same. With her many years of personal and professional experience, Kathy brings deep understanding and insight into human relationships and personal growth. 

Kathy is also an avid poet and often incorporates her original works into her workshops, adding inspiration and humor. She finds joy and rejuvenation in nature, and living in Colorado for most of her life has allowed her to embrace outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping, and cross-country skiing.