Rutgers Equine Science Center

Summer Showcase

Treadmill Demo

Guests will also have an opportunity to experience the thrilling demonstration of a horse galloping at full speed on the 21-foot equine treadmill. Always a crowd favorite, the demo is sure to get one’s adrenaline-pumping and heart-racing!

The event will take place at the Equine Exercise Physiology Laboratory on College Farm Road on the George H. Cook Campus in New Brunswick. The Summer Showcase, similar to an open house, is a FREE event that is open to the public and perfect for any and all equine enthusiasts, ages 8 and up. There is no charge, however, guests must register in advance.

*Please note, by registering for this event you give the Equine Science Center (and Rutgers University) permission to record your image and/or voice and grant them all rights to use these recordings or photographs in any medium for educational, promotional, advertising, or other purposes that support the mission of the Center and university.

Sessions Include:

Equine Anatomy Lesson

Dr. Carey Williams will teach us all about equine anatomy with RU Wish Bone, the

life-sized horse skeleton. 

3-D Scanner Demo

Dr. Alisa Herbst will demo the Equine Science Center's new 3-D Scanner. The scanner will be used to look at fat and muscle mass, as well as body composition.

Equine Exercise

Physiology Lab Tour

Dr. McKeever will provide a lab tour including an update on the recent research taking place, and some of the exciting projects that are being planned for the coming year. 

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