Saturday, October 5, 2024

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST


California Baptist University

8432 Magnolia Ave.

Riverside, CA 92504


Trish Santos 

Copenbarger & Copenbarger LLP 


[email protected]

Cal Baptist University

2024 Riverside Seminar

We are excited to see you again live for a very important seminar with updates to several law changes. A light breakfast will be provided! 


All trustees, beneficiaries, and other guests are encouraged to attend. Attendees who bring 2 or more guests will be entered into a raffle to win a prize!

Topics will include:

  • Estate Planning Essentials: Protecting your future and preserving your legacy
  • Unlock the Secrets to Safeguarding Your Digital Assets: Ensure your online accounts & memories are protected and passed on to the ones you love
  • Navigating Estate Planning Needs as Life Changes: Maintaining your estate plan as your family tree grows, financial assets develop, and changes in health occur 
  • How Legal Changes Are Shaping Your Future: Banking and privacy law updates you need to know
  • Unveiling the Government's Watchful Eye: Latest tactics in digital surveillance and your privacy
  • Beyond Customary Planning: Explore specialized planning for charity, firearms, and real estate to ensure every asset is optimally protected
  • Defending Legacies: Navigate the common causes of estate litigation to ensure your wishes are carried out properly
  • Trust Administration Unveiled: Navigating taxes, timelines, and fees

Be sure to reserve seats for you and your guests by clicking the button below or calling our registration line at 888-846-9095.

Schedule An Appointment

By attending one of our free events, you qualify to meet with one of our attorneys to discuss your estate planning needs. Appointment scheduling will be available during the intermission and after the seminar. Bring your calendar!

Invite your Family

We highly encourage you to bring your children's guardians, your personal representatives, and even your beneficiaries so they can meet our attorneys and get their questions answered. You may also bring friends or neighbors you think would benefit from attending one of our events. Reserve their seat today!