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Ink and Influence

In the Ink and Influence club you'll become part of an exclusive group of authors dedicated to elevating their book marketing efforts. This is your personal haven to allocate dedicated time for tackling your essential book marketing strategies and tasks while connecting and supporting other authors. Each month, you'll have the opportunity to have a 2-hour session with like-minded authors.

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Jan 10, 2024 09:00am MT - Jan 10, 2024 11:00am MT

Are you ready to sell more books and increase your influence?

Ink and Influence is a membership for authors who are ready to embark on the long journey of book marketing. The raw and real truth is: without taking consistent steps and effort in your book marketing strategies and tactics, your book sales and influence will be slim to none. As an author, you've spent years writing your book and getting it published — it's time to journey the path of book marketing in order to achieve the lasting impact you hope for.

Our 2-hour monthly meetings will bring you the space to set the goals you want to achieve. With the Ink & Influence workbook, you will map out actionable steps to drive you toward selling more books and increasing your influence. Accountability partners will keep you on your path to success with intermittent check-ins throughout the month, while coaching days with Amanda will ensure you are staying aligned with your goals and moving the needle.


Monthly Meeting Agenda: 

  1. Welcome & Updates
  2. Member Updates
  • Each participant shares their progress on their goals since the last session.
  1. Author Support Session
  • Participants are encouraged to seek advice, share challenges, and offer solutions to one another.
  • Open discussion to provide mutual support and insights.
  1. Author Check-ins
  • A round-robin format where each participant briefly shares tasks they plan to work on for the remainder of the session.
  1. Get-it-Done Session
  • Participants engage in focused work on their chosen tasks.
  • Your host, Amanda, remains available in breakout rooms for support and assistance.
  1. Wrap-up & Goal Setting
  • Check-in with everyone’s work session
  • Goal setting for next month
  • Assign accountability partners
  • Closing remarks and gratitude

During our 2-hour meetings, you'll have the freedom to tackle your specific marketing projects for the month while enjoying the support of our friendly and motivated community. We're not just a group; we're your accountability partners, supporters and friends, here to propel you toward your marketing goals.

Here are examples of tasks you can achieve during our sessions:

📬 Craft your engaging monthly newsletter. 

📝 Write captivating blog posts. 

📆 Plan and schedule your entire month's social media content. 

🎧 Identify and research potential podcast opportunities. 

📌 Create and polish your author profiles. 

🧲 Develop or revamp a compelling reader magnet. 

📈 Strategize and optimize your marketing funnel.

Your dedicated host, Amanda Miller, will be readily available to provide guidance and address any individual questions you may have in our Zoom breakout rooms during the allocated work time.


  • Every 2nd Wednesday of the month 9am-11am Mountain Time.
  • The first meeting begins January 10th.
  • There will be a 3-month commitment period. After that, you can cancel anytime, however we hope you stay and see the benefits that this group adds to your ongoing marketing efforts.
  • If you cannot make a meeting, you can elect another author to attend in your absence. Your membership to the group serves as a reservation to your seat. No refunds are available.

PRICING: $149/month to reserve your seat in the group. Limited spots available.

The Guarantee:

CAUTION: With millions of books on the market today, a surefire way to ensure you get no book sales and make zero impact is if you don't market your book and don't put in the consistent effort it takes to achieve success.

By joining this group of dedicated authors you have the potential to sell more books and increase your book's impact and influence in the world as we will provide you with the consistent steps necessary to be successful.

The choice is up to you. Are you ready to take the journey?


Tap the link below to apply. You will be redirected to your email. Please email Amanda Miller that you are interested in joining the group. You will then be instructed to meet via Zoom for a quick call to ensure this group will be a good fit for your goals.