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AIAA LA-LV 2/23 Section mini-Conference

(In-person attendance)

Friday, February 23, 2024, 8:30 AM PST (GMT -0800)

Feb 23

(February 23) AIAA LA-LV University Student Branches mini-Conference 2024

AIAA University / Student Branches are important and integral parts of AIAA & the local Professional Sections. They are vibrant with aerospace activities and their pursuit of the aerospace careers, knowledge, and skills.
Please join us to learn more about the exciting activities and projects with the AIAA LA-LV University / Student Branches, and join other professionals to help, inspire, guide them, network together, and enjoy!

4350 E Conant St, Long Beach, CA 90808
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Feb 23, 2024 08:30am PT - Feb 23, 2024 03:00pm PT

$5.00 - $100.00

Disclaimer: The views of the speakers do not represent the views of AIAA or the AIAA Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section

  • Show support for our Section University Student Branches, whose members are the future backbone / rising stars of aerospace and AIAA.
  • Learn more about the LA-LV Section University Student Branches and meet the students.
  • Q&A session with a panel of professionals on anything relevant to college students (school-life balance, work-life balance, transition to professional life, networking, finding a job, extracurriculars, summer experiences, etc.).
  • Learn more about the LA-LV Section University Education activities.
  • Learn more about the local aerospace industries and the possible involvement with the AIAA students.
  • Network with some of our section University Branch students, their professors, AIAA members, aerospace professionals, business leaders, educators, students, and enthusiasts.
  • (Please contact us (see contacts below) if you/your organization would like to have an exhibition table, or present proper related paper/posters in this mini-Conference).

AIAA California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) Branch

The CSULB student branch creates networking events, invites guest speakers to their campus, promotes aerospace engineering to the younger generation, and has 3 exciting projects (Experimental Sounding Rocketry, Long Beach Aviation (Design, Build, Fly), and Cube-Sats) for their members to take part in.

AIAA University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Branch

AIAA at UCLA is a professional organization that connects students, industry representatives, and academics dedicated to the advancement of aeronautics and astronautics. Throughout the school year, our chapter collaborates with various aerospace companies to provide events that facilitate networking and promote professional development skills for our members. In addition to these opportunities, the backbone of our organization are the four student projects: Design Build Fly (DBF), Rocket Project (URP), Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS), and Bruin Space Group (BSG). These projects expand the educational experience of AIAA members, allowing them to apply the concepts they learn in the classroom to real engineering missions and problems across the fields of aerospace.

AIAA University of Southern California (USC) Branch

The Student Branch of AIAA at USC works to connect students interested in aerospace to with industry professionals and provide insight into what working in the aerospace industry is like. By hosting speakers, panels, and workshops, we hone the professional skills and broaden the perspectives of our members. The student branch shares opportunities for research on campus, in line with the extensive research support of the national AIAA organization, in which this branch encourages membership. This expands the Trojan network on- and off-campus in the aerospace industry. 

AIAA University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Branch

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) was created in 1963 by merging the American Rocket Society (est. 1930) and the Institute of Aerospace Sciences (est. 1933). AIAA is currently the leading Aerospace Publisher, Wellspring for Informational Exchange, and a strong advocate for a Diverse Community amongst engineers and other professionals. The AIAA Chapter at UNLV was established in 2005 as one of the first aerospace & aeronautics student organizations on campus. UNLV AIAA aims to drive the curiosity, passion, and love students have for airplanes, rockets, and space towards real-world engineering applications. Our organization specifically focuses on the following objectives at UNLV: 1) Raising awareness and fostering interest in the aerospace industry with student body 2) Promote local, regional, national, and international AIAA programs 3) Facilitate the implementation of aerospace related projects and research at UNLV.

- Ad Astra Per Aspera = Through Hardship To The Stars


A New Way To Get To Space

(Speaker, Exhibitor, Event Facility)

SpinLaunch is an innovative new space technology company that has created an alternative method for putting 200 kilogram class satellites into low earth orbit. Unlike traditional fuel-based rockets, SpinLaunch uses a ground-based, electric powered kinetic launch system that delivers a substantially less expensive and environmentally sustainable approach to space access.

Dr. Marty Bradley

Keynote Speaker

Sustainable Aviation Consultant & Fellow of the AIAA

Adjunct Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Practice at USC

Senior Technical Fellow for electric aircraft and sustainability at

Retired Boeing Technical Fellow for advanced technology concepts and propulsion

Dr. Marty Bradley, Sustainable Aviation Consultant and Educator, [email protected]. Dr. Bradley is a AIAA Fellow with 39 years of aerospace experience and is now a consultant and educator focused on sustainable aviation. He is an Adjunct Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Practice at USC and teaches AIAA short courses in Sustainable Aviation and Electric Aircraft.

Dr. Nahum Melamed

(Speaker and Exhibitor)

AIAA Distinguished Lecturer/Speaker

Project Leader, Guidance and Control Subdivision,

The Aerospace Corporation

Nahum Melamed is a project leader in the Embedded Control Systems Department in the Guidance and Control Subdivision at The Aerospace Corporation. He joined Aerospace in 2003. As a technical lead in Launch Vehicle Software, Dr. Melamed coordinates and guides a team of interdepartmental technical experts, and supports validation and mission readiness certification of the flight software and mission parameters for NASA’s Artemis missions. He conducts planetary defense technical and policy studies, co-chairs planetary defense conferences, serves on exercises exercise organizing committees, and speaks at these venues. He earned a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech. 

Dr. Thomas Heinsheimer


 “Picking up where Einstein left off: The Solar Gravity Lens - A Big Idea” for Space Exploration and Technology Development"

Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics, University of Paris

B.S. in Electrical Engineering MIT 1960

  • Life-long AIAA member
  • Board member of the Southern California Aero Club
  • Aerospace Corporation to imagine new missions
  • CEO of Colbaugh and Heinsheimer in Rolling Hills, CA.
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist at SM&A
  • Aerospace Corporation on US Air Force space programs
  • Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the South Coast Air Quality Management District
  • 9 terms as Mayor of the city of Rolling Hills, CA
  • Scientist in The Planetary Society's Mars Rover Tests in Kamchatka, USSR.
  • Organizer of 9 international Gordon Bennett Balloon Races
  • Designer and pilot of the ATMOSAT record-holding super pressure balloon
  • National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Paris, France (1964 to 1968)
  • Manager for rocket from French Algeria center (under Foreign Legion protection)
  • Design engineer at MIT Instrumental Lab on Apollo guidance
  • Supported the on-the-pad check-out of the John Glenn orbital Mercury- Atlas rocket


*The Aerospace Corporation

*AIAA California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) Branch

*AIAA University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Branch

*AIAA University of Southern California (USC) Branch

*AIAA University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Branch

(More speakers / exhibitors To Be Announced.)

Contact: Ian Clavio, Education/Collegiate Chair ([email protected])

[AIAA Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section], [[email protected]], []

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