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Equine Foundation Camp

Join Perfect Partners Equine for our Equine Foundation Training Camp in South Carolina. This event is designed for all breeds, ages and levels of horse and rider. Foundation training takes you back to the basics for better communication with your horse. Group activities, workshops, demos, trail ride training and more are planned for the week.

Guest Barn
305 Lucious Davis Rd, Chesterfield, SC 29709
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Apr 27, 2024 12:00pm - May 04, 2024 04:00pm

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Find Freedom, Independence and Adventure with your HORSE.

Learn habits, skills and techniques of a Horseman.

Is this clinic right for you and your horse?

For All Age Horses no matter their level of experience. We will teach you how to become a Confident Leader no matter the breed you have or the discipline you ride or show in.

Often times horses are started in a training program and many areas of communication and relationship building are skipped or even completely missed. This is where some of our issues with our equine partners that we are not happy with come from. Their education missed some important subjects and lessons. Our plan is to help you get your horse started on the right hoof or to fill in those missing parts.

During our Foundation Training week you will learn the language of Horse to better open up those lines of communication while developing a relationship in order to build confidence in yourself and your horse. No matter the age or experience every horse and rider team can benefit by either getting the conversation started with your horse or moving up to a more refined/higher level of communication.  

Each horse & rider team will have an individualized program for the week to ensure you move further faster in your horsemanship. We understand that not everyone is in the same place on their horsemanship journey.

Horsemanship is a lot about problem solving and knowing what to do when. That is where the foundation training & fundamentals come in and help you work through a problem that you may be having with your horse. 

The week long format will allow you and your horse to develop a pattern of habits and techniques to boost your horsemanship to the next level.

We are excited to share that Joe & Penny Most were the Winners of the AQHA Trail Challenge Event hosted by AQHA in MO for the 2015 & 2016. They spend many hours on the trail and enjoy riding all over the United States. Their goal is for you to enjoy your horse as much as they enjoy theirs. You can find out more about our life with horses, experiences and more on our website at  

Perfect Partners Equine (PPE) can help you to live the dream with your horse. Joe and Penny Most have dedicated their lives to learning about the horse. They have also devoted themselves to understanding how to teach others to effectively communicate, understand and enjoy their horses. They have won the buckles and the ribbons, but the biggest reward is sharing their knowledge with others.

With 20 years experience in conducting clinics and over 40 plus years of training, handling, breeding showing, traveling and living with horses we have a lot of useful knowledge to help you go further faster with your horse.


7 Nights & 6 Days

Saturday April 27th

-After 12pm Arrival/ Check In and set up camp

6 pm Barn party social at campfire

Sunday - Friday

10 am - 4pm Daily Camp Sessions

Lunch and other breaks throughout the day

Each evening we will end with a campfire wrap up and chat session. We will go over any struggles of the day and celebrate each others accomplishments and success for the day. 

The week will include fun games, excercises, activities, trail rides and obstacles to make the

learning more exciting for you and your horse!

* Participation Includes-

Weenie Roast- Hamburger Night- Cobler & Ice Cream Social Night

Membership to our Horsemanship Support with PPE Group Page

Access to photos for download of your weekend

PPE Custom Stall Bag (with your horse's name)

Topics for the week will include-

Ground work/skills

  • Resolve issues like running over you, not getting on the trailer, standing for farrier, standing quiet in the trailer, biting, kicking, hard to catch, hobbling
  • Learn fun games like getting on the pedestal, picking you up from the mounting block, going over/thru obstacles, Loading from the fender, using longer lines to improve your communication.


  • Liberty is the test for our online communication. We will show you how to increase the distance of your communication from the ground to improve your relationship with your horse. Liberty is so much fun and makes you feel a real connection to your horse. 

Relaxed Riding

  • This can be considered the basics of riding
  • This is about instroducing your horse to all the ground skills from the saddle. 
  • Encouraging your horse to offer you more and frees your horse from feeling micromanaged. 
  • This will also help you develop an independent seat which improves your chances of not coming off your horse as well as handling a spook or spin.  
  • Creating a more confident and relaxed willing equine trail riding partner

Refinement Riding   

  • In order to ride with refinement you need to have advanced your ground skills and relaxed riding with your horse so you are prepared and have the prerequisites in place for more advanced manuevers.
  • Rein responsibilies/management -  Soft feel - Flexion- Leg aids
  • Better Body Control to enhance your technical abilities with collection
  • Improves cattle working skills & better control on the trail

We will have nightly camp fire chats to share our day, horses and many other fun adventures. Expect to find a supportive group of like minded riders with safety and fun on the top of their list.