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AIAA LA 6/8 Section (Town Hall) Meeting

(A hybrid event: In-person and online attendance)

Saturday, June 8, 2024, 10 AM PDT (GMT -0700)

Jun 08

(6/8) AIAA LA Section Space Architecture Gathering with AIAA Space Architecture Technical Committee

Dear All,

Please join us for the AIAA LA 2024 Space Architecture Gathering on Saturday June 8th at the Lomita Library, Lomita, CA or online. This event is open to the public.

The event starts at 10:00am PDT ONLINE, continuing HYBRID and available online as well. AIAA members and all public are invited to join online or in situ and to meet and interact with the leaders and practitioners of Space Architecture.

Lomita Library (Don Knabe Meeting Room)
24200 Narbonne Ave, Lomita, CA 90717
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Virtual location

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Jun 08, 2024 10:00am PT - Jun 08, 2024 05:00pm PT


Disclaimer: The views of the speakers do not represent the views of AIAA or the AIAA Los Angeles Section


10:10 am: SATC Presentations

• Georgi Petrov (10:10-10:50)

• Silvio De Mio (10:50-11:10)

• William Hart (11:10-11:30)

• Alfredo Munoz (11:30-11:50)

11:50 am: Discussion and Q&A


12:30 pm: SATC Presentations

• Thomas Lagarde (12:30-12:50)

• Lucy Aboonour (12:50-13:10)

• Tomas Rousek (13:10-13:30)

• Eszter Gulacsi (13:30-13:50)

13:50 pm: Discussion and Q&A


14:30 pm: SATC Presentations

• Sheryl Bishop (14:30-14:50)

• Anastasia Prosina (14:50-15:10)

• Madhu Thangavelu (15:10-15:30)

• Saba Raji (15:30-15:50)

16:00 pm: Networking (Adjourn afterwards)

17:00 pm: Meeting Room closes


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[AIAA Los Angeles Section], [[email protected]], []

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Georgi Petrov - Decalog for Space Architecture

-       The Space Architecture Decadal Survey

Georgi Petrov is practicing architect, structural engineer, space architect and the current chair of the AIAA’s Space Architecture Technical Committee. He is a Senior Associate Principal in the structures group at the New York office of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. He is a licensed Architect and Professional Engineer. He is an adjunct professor at NYU and MIT where he teaches Design of Tall Buildings.


[email protected]

Silvio De MioProject Loop - Lunar Lava Tube Sealing and Inhabitation

Silvio De Mio is an Italian Licensed Architect who works for the renowned international architectural firm OMA. Simultaneously to his work as an architectural professional he researches and develops projects in the field of Space Architecture. His field of research involves investigating and designing radical, sustainable and human-centered architectural solutions for fostering space exploration. He was awarded with the first prize in the Moon Station Space Architecture competition promoted by YAC and European Space Agency - ESA's Topical Team on Planetary Caves, in which he implemented his knowledge about human lunar bases proposing an innovative infrastructure within a lava tube of the Moon. He has been selected as a delegate by the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) for the 7th European Space Workshop (E-SGW) to elaborate recommendations for Airbus regarding the future of Europe on the Moon.

[email protected]

William Hart - Psyche: Journey to a Metal World

William Hart is a member of the Project Systems Engineering and Formulation Section at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He is currently on the Project Systems Engineering team for the Psyche and SPHEREx missions. From 2007 to 2016, he served a variety of roles for Space Systems Loral (later Maxar Technologies), leading bus design efforts for a variety of commercial and government new business proposals. He received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University.

[email protected]

Alfredo Munoz – Digital Simulation of Extreme Environments

Alfredo Munoz is the Founder & CEO of the Futuverse™, an ecosystem that leverages virtual reality and blockchain technology to create digital simulations of extreme environments that provide entertainment and education through gamification. These environments are the results of the work of international experts in architecture, arts, deep tech, sociology, blockchain, and the space industry.

Alfredo's work has been featured in media outlets such as BBC, Bloomberg, National Geographic, Forbes, Business Insider, CNN, Wallpaper*, and Harper's Bazaar, among many others. Alfredo Munoz is the Chair of Memberships at the Technical Committee of Space Architecture of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He has been considered the youngest among the most influential Spanish Architects and is a European Young Leader (EYL40).

[email protected]

Thomas Lagarde - Inflatable SmartReflectors for Multiple Human Space Exploration Applications

Thomas Lagarde is an accomplished architect specializing in space architecture, with a strong educational foundation and a diverse portfolio of innovative projects. Thomas began his academic journey at the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he earned a Professional Bachelor of Architecture. He then advanced his expertise by obtaining a Master of Science in Space Architecture from the University of Houston, further expanding his views in the field of space design. His career is marked by a blend of visionary space architecture and practical sustainable solutions, making him a notable figure in both terrestrial and extraterrestrial architectural circles.

[email protected]

Lucy Aboonour – Hestia

Lucy brings a wealth of expertise in architecture, product, and industrial design engineering to her current roles as an Associate Partner at SLAAB Studio. Her career is marked by a dedication to multi-disciplinary projects of significant scale and complexity, where she has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of design integration, materials science, and manufacturing processes. Lucy approaches her work with a user-centric perspective, emphasizing the importance of human-centered design, especially in the pioneering contexts of shaping the future of space exploration. Her approach is informed by a deep interest in the intersection of science, technology, and society, and her academic background in architecture and sociocultural anthropology. As a research affiliate with the MIT Media Lab Space Enabled Group, Lucy worked closely with NASA Space Technologies and their extensive contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals. Previously Lucy held design innovation roles at Thornton Tomasetti CORE Studio in New York, and Mamou-Mani Architects in London. As Co-Director at Columbia University CSI, she led the NASA Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts (RASC-AL) project MEPSA - Mars Water-Based Propellant ISRU System.

[email protected]

Tomas RousekLaunch of world’s first autonomous in-space welding experiment

Tom is CEO at XTEND in London and Prague and works also as a director of architecture at ThinkOrbital in Colorado. Tom helped with missions to Moon, Mars and asteroid at NASA centres JPL, Ames and JSC. He collaborated on space projects of European Union, ESA and German agency DLR. At ThinkOrbital he develops concepts of large-scale platforms and infrastructure robotically assembled and welded in orbit and on Moon. He has collaborated with Interlune on new lunar station concepts for mining Helium-3 and related robotic systems. Tom has designed Solstar WAP product selected by NASA for new HALO module of Gateway lunar station. He led research of SinterHab, first concept of a 3D-printed lunar module based on NASA technology. At AECOM in London, he participated on architecture for Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, FIFA championship in Qatar and Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi. Tom collaborated on design of futuristic levitating visitor center for World Cup, and many infrastructure projects in Doha. He created architecture of next generation nuclear powerplant CR-100 by CEZ. He worked on projects for 2 royal families, he was advisor in project of new futuristic city quarter in Dubai. 

[email protected]

Eszter Gulacsi - Space radiation shielding

Eszter Gulacsi has worked as an architect/architectural designer for almost 10 years in Hungary and in the UK and and she has been a member of the Space Architect Organisation since 2018. During COVID she decided to take a leap and applied to the International Space University in 2021 to become a space architect. At ISU, she turned her focus on space radiation and how architectural means can resolve the lethal effects of it. Eszter continued developing her architectural space radiation shieldings during her internship at ESA Spaceship EAC, launched a space architectural and R&D startup, Astro SpArch in 2023 and became a proud member of the Space Habitat Committee (IAF) and the Space Architecture Technical Committee (AIAA). With Olga Bannova, she started a series of research papers on the how to tacke space radiation with design. The first paper, that was presented at IAC23 in Baku, was published recently in Acta Astronautica, while the second paper will be presented at COSPAR 2024 in Korea, and the third at IAC 2024 in Milan.

[email protected]

Sheryl Bishop - Beyond Survival: Designing Thriving Habitats for Extreme Environments

[email protected]

Sheryl L. Bishop, PhD is a Social Psychologist and Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston School of Nursing. As an internationally recognized behavioral researcher in extreme environments, Dr. Bishop has investigated human performance and group dynamics involving deep cavers, mountain climbers, desert survival groups, polar expeditioners, Antarctic winter-over groups and various simulations of isolated, confined environments for space. With over 60 publications and 50 scholarly presentations in both the medical and psychological fields, she is frequently sought out as a content expert by various media and contributed to multiple documentaries on space and extreme environments.

[email protected]

ANASTASIA PROSINA Zero-G Experience: Deep Pressure Therapy to Mitigate Astronauts' Daily Stressors

Anastasia Prosina is the Founder and CEO of Stellar Amenities, specializing in designing interiors for space habitats to improve space tourism and astronaut efficiency. Previously collaborating with the MIT Media Lab and NASA, her designs focus on supporting the transition to a multiplanetary future. She speaks globally, with recent engagements at SXSW and the Mars Society Convention. Her co-authored paper won a major award from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2020. Anastasia also contributes as a reviewer and jury member in space architecture and urban sustainability fields. She holds an MS in Space Architecture from the University of Houston and a B.Arch from Novosibirsk State University.

[email protected]  

Madhu Thangavelu - PLUTONS: Pits and Lunar Lava Tube Exploration for Settlement

Madhu Thangavelu conducts the ASTE527 Graduate Space Concept Synthesis Studio in the Department of Astronautical Engineering within the Viterbi School of Engineering, and he teaches Space Architecture in the School of Architecture at the University of Southern California. He has a background in both disciplines. He is on the faculty of the International Space University based in Strasbourg, France, an institution that trains promising young space professionals for leadership in international space activities. He is a former AIAA Vice Chair for Education. He on the board of directors of the National Space Society and is Vice President of NSS for India Region and the North American activities coordinator for the Moon Village Association.

[email protected]  

Saba Raji - LEADER: Lunar Equatorial Daylight Exploration Rover

Saba is a Building Performance Specialist with a passion for innovation and sustainability in architectural design having graduated from the University of Southern California's School of Architecture. She is an experienced architectural designer specializing in Workplace Design, Master Planning for Biotech, commercial, and residential projects backed by a robust foundation cultivated through her experience working in various esteemed architecture firms across the United States. She possesses profound expertise in environmental studies, and sustainable practices, seamlessly integrating them into her designs to ensure they are not just visually appealing but also practical and environmentally conscious. She is a dynamic collaborator and leader, skilled at generating innovative ideas and blending diverse skills throughout all phases of project development.

[email protected]