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Apr 27

IDA-UMB 50th Annual Conference

Our 50th annual conference is for teachers, tutors, parents and advocates of dyslexic students! We have an amazing schedule of speakers and events prepared for you this April!

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In-Person April 27, 2024 | The Wilder Center - St. Paul, MN

Online May 6-July 3, 2024

*In-Person registration includes access to the 60-day Online Conference!*

Conference presentations enhance opportunities for professionals, parents, and educators of all kinds to walk away with valuable information about dyslexia and working with students in our homes, schools, and communities.

** Hotel information for In-Person Conference attendees can be found at the bottom of this page **

2024 Keynote Speaker | Timothy Odegard, Ph.D. 

Embracing Modern Realities: Redefining Dyslexia's Impact on Learning and Well-Being

Dr. Tim Odegard, Ph.D., is a psychology professor at Middle Tennessee State University, holding the Katherine Davis Murfree Chair of Excellence in Dyslexic Studies. He leads the Tennessee Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia, showcasing a deep commitment to education through service in various leadership roles.

The following sessions will be accessible IN-PERSON on April 27, 2024, and will also be included in our ONLINE Conference (available May 6-July 3):

Dyslexia, Trauma & Curating Safety in Educational Practices 

Lora Aeliot, MA

The Forgotten Skills Needed for Literacy Success: Spelling and Handwriting

Makenzie Buhman, M.Ed, WDP, WDT

Building Background Knowledge and Vocabulary Through Morphological Study

Sue Scibetta Hegland, author

Transforming Teacher Prep: Embracing the Science of Reading

Katie Anderson, Ed.D. and Sheila Mulder, M.Ed.

The Science of Reading & Higher Education: Minnesota Takes Action

Erin Gillett, PhD; Cody Lewis, Ed.D; Abbey Payeur, PhD; Carrie Pfeifer, Ed.D, and Lisa Silmser, Ed.D

Multilingual Instructional Practices Based in the Science of Reading

Kim Piranio, M.Ed., NBCT and Leslye Moraski Erickson, PhD

Structured Literacy and Balanced Literacy: What's the Difference and Proof of Which One Works

Ashley Lund, MS, Director of Testing and Reading Readiness at The Reading Center

Struggle to Triumph: Redefining Assistive Technology for Students with Dyslexia

Erika J. Kluge, M.F.C.S.

What Parents and Educators Need to Know to Talk about Reading Difficulties

G. Emerson Dickman, JD

How ND Dyslexia Policy is Leading System Improvement

Brenda Ehrmantraut, M.Ed. and Lea Kugel, M.Ed.


The following pre-recorded sessions will be part of the ONLINE Conference and available to all In-Person and Online registrants from May 6-July 3:

Two Keys to Unlock Language and Literacy for English Learners

Megan Gierka, Ed.D. and Nicole Ormandy, M.S.Ed.

Diving Deeper into Orthographic Phonology

Lisa Barnett and Katie Squires, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-CL

Why is that letter there? Making Spelling Make Sense!

Lisa Barnett and Katie Squires, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-CL

Behavioural and Emotional Strategies for Integrating Structured Literacy for Older Students

Melinda Cameron, RMA in Literacy Studies

Moving Literacy Forward in South Dakota

Patti Lager, M.A., ELA Specialist, South Dakota Department of Education

Explaining the Mysteries in High Frequency Words

Rebecca Loveless, M.A. and Fiona Hamilton, M.Ed.

The Why, Who, What and How of Structured Literacy

Barbara A. Wilson, M.Ed.

Equip Parents to Make Tough Decisions

Marianne A Jylha, M.Ed.


The following sessions will be accessible IN-PERSON only on April 27, 2024. They will NOT be recorded for inclusion in the Online Conference

Skilled Intervention is More Than Just Phonics

Sarah Carlson-Wallrath JD, OG-CT and Deb Dwyer, MS, CTT-OG, (Co-Chairs, The Reading League MN)

Identifying Specific Learning Disability: Progress in Updating Minnesota Criteria

Kelly Gorman, Jan Hagedorn, MA and Vicki Weinberg, PhD

Experience Dyslexia: A Simulation

Wendy Lundsgaard, Reading Specialist


A block of rooms is being held for In-Person attendees at The DoubleTree St. Paul Downtown. 

Hotel Phone: 651-291-8800

Group dates: April 26, 2024 - April 28, 2024

Group code: 93L

Reservations must be made by APRIL 5th, 2024

Web Link:


** The University of Sioux Falls is offering one college credit (either graduate or undergraduate) for registrants of IDA-UMB's 50th annual online conference. Use this link to USF's Continuing Education page ( for course details and registration information.**

The Wilder Center (Wilder Foundation)
451 Lexington Parkway North, St. Paul, MN 55104
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