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Jun 13

Ohio Faster Level 1 @ APEX (WADSWORTH)

FASTER Level 1 is the nation's leading violence response training for schools, churches and businesses. This class is 3 days of firearm, general crisis and emergency management plus trauma medical training. The fee for this class includes the training, hotel while training and professional trauma kit to take home.

Ohio Schools are eligible for $1,000 grants. Select "2024 $1K Grant" at checkout .

Early bird discount of $100 available through March 22, 2024, 11pm. Enter "Early100" coupon code.

(While funds are available.)

Rittman Police Department Range
Willow St., Rittman, OH 44270
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Jun 13, 2024 08:00am ET - Jun 15, 2024 06:00pm ET

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  • Registration fee includes 3 days of training
  • Class is 8am-6pm each day
  • Registration fee includes hotel stay during the class 
  • Registration fee includes a professional trauma kit for each attendee
  • Attendees need to provide transportation to/from, meals while training, other comfort items
  • Training is rain/shine/snow/etc
  • No refunds (substitute attendees permitted) 

Before attending Level 1, attendees are required have their CCW training, complete the FASTER Foundation class and have the following equipment:

  1. Eye and hearing protection
  2. Reliable 9mm auto loader:  For example Glocks and Smith & Wesson M & P’s with three magazines.
  3. Strong side hip holster and mag carrier: examples Comp-Tac or Blade-Tech (NO SERPAS)
  4. Gun belt
  5. At least 1000 rounds of target ammunition
  6. Clothes to match weather conditions
  7. A brimmed hat to deflect fired cases.    Low neck line tops are not recommended…. fired cases are very hot!
  8. Food and beverages (We do working lunches)
  9. Notebook, pencil/pen

See Faster Gear Suggestions for more information on gear recommendations.


Email or phone with any questions:

Greg Hennecke 513.267.5419 [email protected]

$330.00 - $1,500.00