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May 20

Online Deliverance Prayer Session - May 20, 2024

We look forward to you joining our next St. Michael Center deliverance prayer webinar because God has been so generous to us in our previous sessions.

Join us and witness how good God is to us all and how He wants to heal us. All glory to God!

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May 20, 2024 06:30pm ET - May 20, 2024 08:00pm ET


Read reflections from our Last Prayer Session:

“I was feeling fatigued like I was ready to doze off until Monsignor rebuked the spirit of lethargy.  I also had trouble for the first time praying the renunciation of Freemasonry. Before my conversion to Catholicism, I was active in it…I've renounced it many times but found it difficult tonight to get the words out.”

“For a few weeks now I was feeling a heavy sad presence around me , it started after a male friend…gave a surprise visit he is heavily into the occult. Last night after saying the prayers I felt the presence leave and the peace return”

“I was tearing 😢 during the prayer session. I pray for God's healing and mercy on me and family”

“Loved it! Today was a first time for me and my boyfriend and we felt incredible after the prayers. We will be joining every month from now on. Grateful for this experience! Thank you.”

“I fell asleep then awoke suddenly at ur final blessing. so i listened to the tape.

had response to divination prayer.  I know I still have demons that need to come out as a result of my involvement in the occult…the session seemed short.”  

“This is the first time that I joined this prayer session! Being a victim of witchcraft in my early 30's I felt as if I was being cleansed and forgiven…I learned to invoke the name of God and Jesus while I was being attacked, they would leave…I don't fear them anymore.”

“At the end of the prayer session I was completely filled with JOY!!! I actually couldn't stop singing/humming "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart, down in my heart....."! Thank you so much! “

“I felt at peace and support knowing that I am not alone in these types of sufferings. I especially loved the rosary right before the sessions.”

“I experienced an increase of joy, peace, and freedom within my soul.”

“I cried when we did the physical and Emotional healing.”

“During the Litany of the Saints I felt great amounts of joy!!! 

When we did the casting out of anything I may have eaten or drank I became so calm and peaceful that I got light headed. But it was very pleasing.”

“Today’s session I experienced a lot sweating and when we were doing the rosary one of my beads split in half. The beads are made of marble or stone…”

“I did have a coughing spell during the casting out of evil from within me. I was surprised! Thank you again. May God abundantly bless you!”

“I had a nagging headache all day and when Fr. Rossetti started to recite that very long Latin prayer I felt that nagging headache melting away. By the time the deliverance session was over the headache was completely gone.”

“Wow. When Monsignor Rossetti was praying for divination and curses, the lights flickered. I also felt lethargic when he was praying in Latin. My father enrolled in the late nineties in the Freemasons…”

“There is a sense of tightening that is around me, like something is trying to cling/hang on to me for dear life, especially when he starts all the Latin stuff- no clue what's being said-but then the sense of pain and tightening around me is crazy. There are just tears...tons of tears next day;”

“I was feeling a lot of self hatred and depression before the session. I felt a great sense of joy and peace during the session. Thanks very much.”

“Felt evil lift and negativity lift. Was feeling anxious and a heaviness of evil and it all lifted.”

“This session was particularly powerful. Especially the new prayers you’ve added- the ingestion of cursed objects. I Consumed the Amazonian psychedelic brew, Ayahuasca, administered by a shaman in a pagan ceremony. I was looking for healing. This was before I turned back to Christ and his Church. I went to hell under the influence of this pagan drug. It was horrific. A place without God, life or humanity. I prayed and came back to Jesus. I had been experiencing entities strangling me in my sleep. Having constant fear and weight loss, inability to sleep more than 4 hours for 2 years. No doctor could help. I was being demonically oppressed. After confession and doing a formal renouncement of the occult with a priest, it all stopped, praise God! I still experience heaviness in life, but the more I lead a Catholic life, doing confessions, receiving the Eucharist, adoration, Mass, these sessions, praying - the better I feel. Also the st Patrick prayers were powerful.”

“I try never to miss the monthly prayer sessions…Father, your face just lights up with the Holy Spirit and I find myself smiling from ear to ear. I felt very refreshed afterward.”

“The moment of declaration of Love for Jesus was very moving for me and I felt such an amazing love and I was deeply moved.”

“I felt extremely lethargic and then a sense of liberation.”

“I always look forward during this monthly prayer session and I schedule everything else around this. There is a sense of peace that I get from this event, something similar when I go to Adoration.”

“This was very beautiful! I shed some tears during certain prayers and kept getting chills throughout the prayer session.”

“It was a wonderful experience. I felt bondages and curses being broken. I was able to forgive and ask for forgiveness. I prayed for myself and my family members… and experienced a great sense of peace and serenity in my life.”

“During the Monsignor’s Latin prayer of deliverance, I found myself in tears. I found the experience to be deeply moving and transformative.”

“Thank you it was a great and powerful session and particularly liked the rosary at the beginning; it was difficult to stay awake until Msg Rossetti said the prayer against lethargy and that helped, Today I feel so much more peace and contentment…”

“…having a day of anxiety, worry and constant sense of impending doom. As soon as the prayers started I became so relaxed and at peace”

“Spontaneous tears… I felt a sense of happiness later…”

"At the moment of the prayers to break the unholy ties I start to feel dizzy, nauseous with a strong desire to vomit. It continuous until the break seals, consecrations and curses, I really had to do an effort to no throw up. By the end of the preyer to remove generational spirits I felt better but by the end of the session I felt tired and sleepy;”

“Today, during middle of the ancient Latin prayer, I felt welling up inside of me (around my stomach) an uncomfortable feeling. It was like an intense feeling which was a mix of tenseness as if I was going to fight or get upset and anxiousness. As the Latin prayer finished, I felt peace…”

“Spontaneous tears. This time to the first prayer asking Mary for help. I felt a sense of happiness later on after the session…”

“I felt very touched on this session because I started to cough uncontrollably; I believe healing took place”

“I was in a very agitated and anxious state before the session began. Distractions seemed to hit prior. I was able to focus as the session went on and towards the end when you mentioned loving Jesus and expressing it I felt a deep sense of joy.”

"I felt peaceful and shed so many tears from the beginning to the end. It was so beautiful.”

“I felt an overwhelming sense of inner peace wash over me. It was as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and I could feel the negative thoughts and concerns that had been lingering dissipate.”

“I experienced 3 distinct reactions during the session:

- an overwhelming fatigue during the Freemason prayer

- same during the latter part of the Latin prayer

  • and my throat feeling like it was closing during the self-hatred prayer”

“This session gave me a sense of a “lift”. Something is finally being worked free, like a big weed being pulled from within myself.”

During the prayers breaking generational curses, I felt much pressure in my head, especially in my ears. For a minute I felt a sharp sensation coming from the bottom left of my neck to my head…This morning I feel more at peace and at ease.”

“Jesus was very present with me during the session. I felt he gave me the grace to forgive my father for hurting me… I was shaking and coughing very much and felt that demons left me. I feel much lighter and closer to God through this time. I know His love for us is great and that I can trust Him with my healing.”

“During the section of the where we are asked to forgive those who have wronged us, my eyes teared up uncontrollably even after wiping them and I felt an ache in my chest. Not a painful ache. It's hard to explain. I have a hard time forgiving”

"The prayers were beautiful, uplifting, and felt as if they were intended just for me.”

“Wonderful per usual! I was choking and vomiting throughout, especially with the prayers renouncing Freemasonry. Monsignor’s joy and trust in the Lord is both palpable and contagious.”

“For the first time in a long time I felt the love of Jesus and felt some relief. I also felt that I loved him too and friendship.”

“It was amazing to experience such a lift and joy in my heart and soul.! What a gift! I feel angels and saints, surround me, and all of heaven! Heaviness has lifted to A point, that I look at life differently. The peace of heaven is with me and I sent you so much for this beautiful gift from heaven!”

“I have problems with overeating and was praying for help…I could feel something like a knot in my throat and after Msgr. prayed it is not in my throat anymore.”

“After the session, I definitely felt a sense of peace in my heart, as if a heavy load was lifted off my chest & it felt so light.”

“I left the session feeling joy and relief, this month I casted the seminar from my phone to the TV and my daughter started coughing and gagging in the next room during the deliverance prayer in Latin. I will start doing that every month…”

“I had a wonderful holy experience. I felt a tightness in my chest and throat constrictions off and on throughout the prayer session and then I felt a beautiful sense of peace and a lightness that has stayed with me.”

I said the rosary and was fine, but as soon as the deliverance prayers started, I became extremely tired… I could barely keep my eyes open. As soon as you named the demons of lethargy, I started to wake up. I felt as though something were leaving me. I slept well last night.

“When the prayer was at 'the Prayer for Someone who has ingested a cursed object',I felt emotional, tearing up and crying with joy, feeling like being liberated for my family and myself.”

“Wow, thank you again. So much peace in my heart and in my home.”

“Lately I am struggling with sadness, almost impossible to find joy in me, last session I started to cry and than experienced so much joy in me that I noticed my smiling face I had no control over it.”

“Having recently converted, I’ve been scared to go to confession. My history of witchcraft and hatred toward God the last few years after a huge disappointment in the Protestant sector, I was sure He was done with me. I started down the Catholic road and got 8 months into RCIA and quit right before joining. Finding your channel has led me back and I’m so thankful for you. Thank you!”

“Felt evil lift and negativity lift. Was feeling anxious and a heaviness of evil and it all lifted.Thank you ; God bless all of you”

“…have the most horrifying nightmares and…sometimes the attack does not cease. I notice that when I do the deliverance session, I am able to sleep good for days, weeks until I have to do it again.”

“…as soon as the prayers started, I felt a strong tightness in my neck, as if someone had put a wire around my neck. Then I felt nauseous so I spat….I got up easily in the morning without that feeling of heaviness and fatigue that has captured me recently.”

“When Msgr was praying / making exorcism commands in Latin, I was kneeling. I felt my upper body bend backward as if a magnetic force was repelling me. I would also feel a force prompting me to bow more deeply at times as I knelt in prayer.”

"At first I was feeling tire, sad and weak. Then I started to feel an energy that made me jump, and at that moment I felt strong and confident I commanded all evil to leave me and my family alone. After that I just began to cry.”

“When the prayers to renounce self hatred were said and forgiveness to self and recognizing God made something worthwhile in me I was sobbing.”

“I broke down in tears at the end but the feeling of forgiveness and peace right now I cant describe.”

“My daughter was dealing with suicidal thoughts and she was healed through prayers in this channel.”

Wonderful sense of peace. Thank you!

“Heaviness left me. My dad was a Freemason and is buried in a Masonic cemetery. After the deliverance prayer, I felt an energy pulling from the left side of my head and from my stomach and it left towards the end of the prayer in Latin. I got lightheaded and kept coughing, taking deep breaths, crying, then I felt love overfill me when we were thanking Jesus.”

“I was given to Satan at birth. Was in the occult my whole life. I am 60yrs. I escaped 8yrs ago. just want to say that I have finally been free for the first time right before Easter. It has taken me eight years of prayers. I want to say how much these monthly prayers have help me. Thank you!!!! “

“My tears flowed almost non-stop as soon as the deliverance prayer session began; there was an extreme feeling of peace and healing. I am extremely grateful to our Lord and your ministry for these online sessions.”

“Wonderful! Helpful, left feeling peace and lighter. Truly thankful!”

“I was exhausted after the session. Today is a new day, I woke up at 5am—feeling refreshed for the first time in years! God bless you!”

I felt emotional. Felt the love of God.

“It was my first time and during the renouncement I was burping a lot and a nasty taste came out a little bit but I said to myself wow that was a good thing. Then I continue burping it never stop even after the prayer I was still burping…now my heart is empty of any negativity.”

“Again, I have felt a strong evil oppression while praying against Freemasonry and a very great deliverance. I felt something moving inside my guts, something alive inside me, that had been discovered. The same thing happened to me while praying against seals, consecrations and curses, generational spirits and the devils of illness and family discord.”

“When I started praying the Rosary with you all, I felt an IMMENSE deliverance!: something was lifted from my heart and guts.”

Beautiful! I always feel so much peace! So so powerful!! Thank you.

“It gave me great peace.”