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Preserving Your Legacy After the Loss of A Loved One

Join us to talk about legal steps that happen at the loss of a loved one.


Tuesday, July 16, 2024

10:00 AM (PT)


Zoom, online!

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Speaking at this event:

Mark O'Brien, JD

The passing of a loved one brings a profound sense of sorrow and loss.Honoring their memory while concurrently addressing the legal responsibilities will feel daunting. Although your loved one may have an estate plan in place, there are numerous crucial steps that do not occur automatically.Whether you're planning an estate, set to administer one, or expecting an inheritance someday - understanding the legal process and what to expect is vital.   

When one spouse passes away, the other is often left to manage all the complex legal responsibilities. Understanding the administration process and updating your documents before you pass away can secure the financial future of those you leave behind, allowing them to focus on healing and emotional recovery. Join us in this online seminar to discuss the legal process when someone passes away. 

Join us to discuss:

  • Trust Administration & Probate: Legal steps following the loss of a loved one 
  • The Emotional Impact: Dealing with grief while managing legal responsibilities
  • Trust Administration Duties: The role of a Trustee in managing assets and taxes
  • Financial Obligations: What happens to credit cards, creditors, and debts when someone passes and if trust accounts are protected
  • Managing Joint Assets and Accounts: Including ongoing expenses
  • Document Maintenance: Importance of reviewing and updating estate planning documents after the loss of a loved one
  • Legal Compliance: Ensuring adherence to laws and regulations

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