This bonus workshop, The Proven Path to Joyful Family Discussions, is for parents/adults who want to skillfully solve problems cooperatively AND be confident that the plan will be followed without nagging.

If you resonate with this - then come to the workshop.

There are 3 times available to attend

Which of these problem areas are you experiencing with your children?

  • Won't participate in family activities
  • Plans quickly fail and you start dictating
  • Argues about dong chores
  • Struggles with homework or school
  • Doesn't take responsibility for actions

  • Kids say you are too bossy
  • Hard to get out of the house on time
  • Asks, "Why do I have to?" 
  • Gives excuses
  • Says they will do things later but don't

What do all of these challenges have in common?

Answer: All of these challenges are best approached by discussing them and finding solutions together with the other family members.

What do many parents do instead? They dictate the solution and end up getting rebellion in return.

If you've been acting like a Dictator- It’s important to STOP NOW and instead learn how to have collaborative discussions where the family develops an effective plan that everyone agrees to try. This parenting role is called being the Collaborator. 

Okay, you say. "I know how to make a plan." BUT...... Do you know how

to make sure the plan is followed?

If you are like most parents, the answer is "No!"

In this workshop, you will learn the 5-Step Problem Solving Process AND how to

make sure kids follow through with their commitments.

Are you fed up with conflict?

It doesn’t matter HOW MANY of these challenges you have. What matters is HOW OFTEN you are experiencing them. The MORE you experience them, then the MORE STRESS you feel in your life. 

UNRESOLVED STRESS leads to more unhappiness and conflict in your home. 

How often do you experience each challenge with your children?

  • Always walking on eggshells 
  • 2 - 3xs a day
  • 1x a day 
  • 2 - 3xs a week
  • 1x a week

How would you feel to reduce the frequency by 50% or even 75%? It's possible!

This proven system will give you greater success in having successful collaborative discussions in your family.

If you are ready to learn the 5-Step Proven Path to Joyful Family Discussions that YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD BEFORE and are READY FOR CHANGE, join me on either June 24, 26, or 28. 

You have 3 times to choose from to learn this successful approach!

Parents Share a Much-Needed Positive Change through Collaboration

“My husband and I had been trying to get our daughter back on track in school by taking her phone away and grounding her. These tactics were only making her stay in her room more and talk to us less which meant she wasn’t getting the help she needed.


Cynthia taught us that not only were we using ineffective punishment to gain control over her, we were also using communication blocks. Because of commanding, interrogating, moralizing and using sarcasm, she felt hurt, mistrusted us and wouldn’t open up. It was scary to stop the controlling tactics and focus on listening to her with empathy and acceptance.

We told our daughter that this was a problem to work on together. So we sat down and first listened to her feelings and thoughts about the math. After she felt heard, we brainstormed ideas together on what she needed for help and how we could help.

We made a plan of when she would get our help. Now, instead of feeling bad, she accepts our help rather than saying, “I don’t have any”, or “You don’t do it like my teacher does.”

Her low grade has gone up two grades. The three of us are much happier with each other as we work together to create a unified and problem-solving family. Thank you Cynthia for teaching us this powerful approach." A happy couple of a teen girl

You can learn the collaborator approach just as this family did in my free workshop The Proven Path to Joyful Family Discussions especially for parents of 9 to 15-year-olds. Invite your friends to come, too.

There are 3 times to choose from!

I look forward to seeing you on either June 24, 26, or 28. Please invite your friends to register, too, so they don’t miss this life-changing parenting wisdom.


Cynthia Klein

Cynthia Klein’s mission is to contribute to World Peace and the family is the place to begin. As a certified parenting expert for over 30 years, parents learn how to communicate effectively by applying her Family Harmony System. Cynthia is the author of the highly acclaimed book Ally Parenting and her signature video-based program, Win, Win, Win Parenting. Cynthia currently presents workshops and private coaching online and in person. She has been featured on numerous podcasts, spoken in person at over 650 schools and organizations, successfully coached over 3000 private parenting sessions, and taught numerous online workshops. 

Jun 24

The Proven Path to Joyful Family Discussions

This workshop is for struggling parents of 9 to 15-year-olds who want less conflict and more harmony in their family interactions. Trying to control your kids through demands or pleading leads to rebellion. Instead, in this workshop, you'll learn the 5-Step process for having loving and effective discussions that lead to great solutions and more cooperation.