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Jun 17

Summer Pasture Walks

Join us for three- biweekly evening Summer Pasture Walks, to learn management strategies for establishing and maximizing productivity and livestock utilization of native warm season grasses. We’ll have the privilege to tour three distinct pasture settings, learning from peers,
K-State Extension and NRCS Grazing Specialists. You may attend one or all three!
See the main page for more information!
For any questions, please contact Agriculture Agent, Margit Kaltenekker at 785-843-7058 ext. 113.
Or Douglas County Conservation District Director, Suzy Mooney, at 785-843-4260, Ext 3.

To Be Announced

Jun 17, 2024 05:30pm - Aug 12, 2024 08:30pm

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June 17 - Postponed until August 12, 2024

Due to unforeseen competing circumstances between weather and harvest - we have Postponed TONIGHT's Program until August 12th. Please Save the Date - and join us then! Same Program, Same Time, and Same Location.

July 1 - Managing for Year- Round Grazing: Optimizing Forage Utilization

More Information:

Justin Anderson’s: The Anderson moved to this farm in 2019. They graze 20 head Cow/Calf herd, and sell seed onsite. Learn about Justin's approach to grazing warm season pastures, offsetting winter grazing by using cool season grasses.

Featuring: Ethan Walker, NRCS Grassland Specialist

Ethan graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Rangeland Management and a minor in Animal Science in 2012. Following his studies he gained valuable experience as a Soil Technician at the Wilson County Conservation District for three years. He later joined the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) as a Rangeland Specialist, serving Montgomery, Elk, and Chautauqua Counties. Six years ago, I transitioned to the role of Area Grassland Specialist, responsible for overseeing 16 counties in Southeast Kansas, including Douglas County. His passion lies in promoting soil health through regenerative agriculture practices. With his wife Kate they manage, E & K Heritage Farm located outside of Chanute. They focus on diverse animal grazing including fowl, cattle, sheep, pigs, and goats through adaptive management strategies. Outside of work, he cherishes time with his two boys, aged 4 and 2.


  • Stocking Rates
  • Setting up A Grazing Plan

Address: Justin Anderson Farm, 493 East 150th Rd, Overbrook, KS

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July 15 - Restoring Native Warm Season Pastures

& Overcoming Invasives

More Information:

Darrel Harden’s: (features Darrel’s newly established NWSG pastures) Darrell was raised on a farm along the Kansas River bottoms near Rossville, Kansas. After he purchased the land near Stull, farming practices were so different he felt he had to relearn how to farm again. They currently run a 50 Head Cow/Calf operation, with about 250 AC of No Till crop ground and about 260 acres of grassland pastures, ponds, and woodland edges. Native Warm Season pastures have been recently established on former crop ground.


Dr. Jaymelynn Farney, K-State Beef Livestock Specialist,

Southeast Research and Education Center Parsons, Kansas


  • Managing Invasive Species: Broom sedge, Sericea and Brush
  • Remnant prairies on hilltop – haying and Sericea Management
  • Recent NWSG plantings on highly erodible hillsides
  • Cover crop grazing/stocking rates and grazing
  • CRP buffer plantings/management

Address: Harden Farm, 1452 East 150th Rd, Berryton – East Entrance on 250th Rd

August 12 - Regenerating Human Resilience &

 Optimizing Productivity of Native Grasses

More Information:

Gary Price’s: Featuring the subtleties of favoring NWSGs – with Gary’s judicious use of prescribed burning & herbicide treatments to suppress trees and invasive plants. Renovation of native prairie/pastures through fall herbicide applications to reduce exotic, cool season grasses and benefit native grass/forb productivity.


'Regenerating Human Resilience during Difficult Times',

Dr. Elizabeth Heilman, Professor of Human and Environmental Ecology,

Wichita State University,and Regenerative Wisdom, LLC

'Greener Pastures: Strategies for Maximizing Productivity for Native Warm Season Grasses',

Dale Strickler, Regenerative Wisdom, LLC

Gary has lived on his Douglas County farm since 1978. He values native grasses and started converting to native grass from cropland over 30 years ago. He is interested in returning to the grasses to the original seed bed. The historic California/Oregon trail and trails to Lecompton cross much of his farm. Eighty acres of the farm is on the National historic registry.


  •    80-acre, 5yo restoration: haying & spraying brush + invasive species
  •   Remnant/renovation areas nearby 12 + 6-acres: haying, spraying, cool season grass suppression via burning and herbicide
  •   20-acre, 6yo restoration: just haying & spraying brush + invasive species
  •  15-acre - 100+
  • forb remnant
  •   300-acre CRP restoration
  •   2005 & 2022 DCCD Grassland Award Recipient


Price Farm, 1714 East 700th Rd, Lawrence – North Drive *will have wagon and tractor ready for tour

Please NOTE: The intersection of K-10 and Hgwy 40 West are closed for construction until October 2024.

Please follow this suggested detour