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As the most prestigious sponsorship level, the Supernova Sponsorship is designed for organizations seeking unparalleled exposure and impactful engagement opportunities at the Galaxy Rising Toastmasters conference. This tier is perfect for those aiming to make a significant impression and secure the highest level of visibility throughout the event.

Four Conference Tickets: Secure four tickets to the conference for your team, offering full access to a day packed with insightful talks, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Collaborative Full-Page Advertisement: Work directly with our marketing team to create a captivating full-page ad in our conference program. This program, handed out to every attendee, offers a superb canvas for your message and brand expression.

Prominent Logo Placement: Achieve maximum brand visibility with your company's logo featured prominently in all conference materials, including the event website, signage, and printed materials distributed during the event.

Exclusive VIP Room Access: Enjoy access to our VIP Room throughout the conference.

Dedicated Vendor Table: Utilize a vendor table to showcase your products or services, interact with attendees, and generate leads.

The Galactic Sponsorship tier is crafted for organizations looking to have a substantial presence at the Galaxy Rising Toastmasters conference. It offers a range of benefits that provide excellent visibility and numerous opportunities for interaction with attendees. 

Two Conference Tickets: Gain two tickets to the conference, providing your representatives with full access to a day

filled with valuable sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Half-Page Advertisement Collaboration: Partner with our marketing team to develop a dynamic half-page ad in our conference program. This ad is your opportunity to creatively present your brand and message, leaving a memorable impression on all attendees.

Prominent Logo Display: Achieve optimal brand visibility with your logo prominently displayed in the conference program, on our event website, and across various promotional materials. This strategic placement ensures your brand captures the attention of every participant.

Exclusive VIP Room Access: Enjoy the privilege of accessing our VIP Room. A space dedicated to relaxation and networking, where you

can grab a refreshment, have a snack, and engage in quieter conversations away from the main event buzz.

The Stellar Sponsorship tier is tailored for organizations and emerging businesses seeking to forge meaningful connections and enhance their visibility within the Galaxy Rising Toastmasters conference. This tier is an excellent choice for those looking to introduce or reinforce their presence in the vibrant Toastmasters community, offering a harmonious blend of exposure and interaction opportunities.

One Conference Ticket: Secure a ticket to the conference, providing access to a day rich with insightful presentations, workshops, and the chance to network with professionals dedicated to communication and leadership excellence.

Quarter-Page Advertisement Collaboration: Work alongside our marketing team to craft a quarter-page advertisement in the conference program. This space allows you to succinctly broadcast your brand message or highlight your services to an attentive audience, creating a lasting impact.

Prominent Logo Display: Ensure your brand is noticed by all attendees with your logo featured prominently in the conference materials, including the event website and other promotional resources. This consistent visibility across various platforms maximizes your brand’s exposure.

Star Sponsor our conference and gain visibility for your brand in our conference program. This option is great for a small business or generous personal donation to our event. We rely on support from generous sponsors like you to all shine like stars together.

Buy four or more tickets for one club, and receive a free small ad in our Conference program. Our conference team will reach out to you if you bought the tickets separately.

Get your Toastmasters friends from your club onboard to fuel your communication skills and support your club!

Apr 22

District 2 Conference Sponsorship & Advertisements

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring our annual District 2 Conference. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to promoting your business or club at our event.

Together we rise at the Galaxy Rising Conference.
May the 4th be with you!

We are also selling ads for the conference program to ensure it is the highest quality possible. Reserve your spot in the program today and our PR team will work with you to design an ad that looks stellar!

Full-Page Ad: $200

Half-Page Ad: $100

Quarter-Page Ad: $50

$21.00 - $2,000.00