Are You Ready to Soar in ‘24?

Is there something you want to achieve or exceed at this year?

  • Business growth
  • Academic performance
  • Sport excellence
  • Music or Arts mastery
  • Relationship nurturing
  • Trauma recovery
  • [your goal here]

Are you physically, emotionally, and mentally ready to tackle your goals? It takes balance in all three areas to accomplish anything, and using self-help acupressure can help you do anything better.

Who is this for?

This multi-day event is for anybody from age 5 to 95 who has the desire to achieve a goal or improve a life skill. Students of all ages, parents, teachers, retired folk, self-employed, managers, singles, couples…

Get from where you are today to where you want to be in your work place, living space, or play space.

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Benefits of Attending

This 3-session workshop will help you open the door to better performance, balanced emotions, and overall life improvement by learning how to manage your body’s energy.

Discover simple and easy self-help acupressure techniques that you can use anywhere, anytime simply by using your fingertips. This practice will help you:

  • Improve concentration
  • Enhance focus
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Balance emotions
  • Strengthen resilience
  • Optimize vitality

Experience the immediate benefits of acupressure during the workshop, and leave with a toolkit that will continue to support your growth and resilience long after the event concludes.

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Workshop Details

There will be 3 one-hour workshop sessions over 3 consecutive weeks. Sessions are online so you can do them in the comfort of your own home.

Wednesdays – January 17, January 24, January 31

From 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Pacific Time)

(mark your calendar for all 3 days)


Location: Zoom video conference

(link sent when you register)


Incredible value for

only $197*

Workshop will include:

  • Recordings of each workshop session (3)
  • Comprehensive handout to use during and after workshop
  • Daily Clean Your House Flow® - animated acupressure video


*registration and payment is for all 3 sessions – not individual dates

Fulfill Your Dreams

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When your energy is flowing, you, your plan, and these self-help acupressure resources get on the same track to your desired goal.


You’ll fall asleep easier, wake up rejuvenated, and be ready to take action throughout the day. Feel the energy of vitality and ease and calm and SEE all your potential!

Gain control of the life you want so you can manifest your dreams!

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Deborah’s positive energy and spirit are infectious!

Dale, a massage therapist…

As a health instructor and healer, Deborah’s teaching style is very personal and customized. The techniques of her program are simple, easy to follow, and I can easily use them in any situation—in both personal and career applications. She makes every one of her students feel like they are the only student in her class or workshop. Deborah’s positive energy and spirit are infectious! Without a doubt, Deborah will unlock your potential for better health and well-being as well as add a whole new balance to your life.”

Your Workshop Leader


Deborah Myers

Deborah Myers is a Certified Acupressurist and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner working with people who want to feel healthier, stronger, and enjoy more vitality. Founder and Director of Deborah Myers Wellness, she is passionate about empowering others to live a balanced and healthy life. In her private practice, she assists individual clients in their search for stress reduction, pain relief, and healing. She is the creator of a program designed to support the well-being of children in the classroom and at home: the Daily Clean Your House Flow® animated video and companion guides encourage mindfulness and help to optimize learning, empowering students, educators, and parents to succeed.

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This technique works!

Jennifer Cody, Executive Coach

"The workshops are informative AND fun! They are interactive and provide the opportunity to practice what we are learning. Deborah teaches us tools so that we can be our own energy detectors and healers - empowering our energetic bodies so we are not dependent on others for self-care. This technique works!"

If you have questions or need more information about this online workshop, please email [email protected]