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2024 Annual Stipend Application

Stipend Application for GAPPA 2024 Annual Meeting and Tradeshow

Application Deadline is April 15, 2024

We are offering stipends to member institution attendees Limited to 3 per institute

Purpose: To provide financial assistance for travel expenses and registration fee to qualifying GAPPA Members who wish to attend the Annual Meeting and trade Show, May 25-29, 2024

Stipend Amount:

  • Travel Reimbursement: Up to $1250 per person
  • Registration Fee Discount: Up to $375 per person

Applicant will receive a discount code once application is approved

Expenses covered:

  • Mileage to and from member institution to Jekyll Island at current state rates
  • Hotel lodging per state policy
  • Meals not included in registration fee

General Eligibility:

  • Institution must be current on association dues
  • Applicant must be a current employee of a member institution
  • Applicant must also complete online registration for the GAPPA 2024 Annual Meeting and Tradeshow

(wait for discount code to register)

Reimbursement to Member Institution: Submission deadline is July 31, 2024

  • Reimbursement is post Annual meeting and tradeshow
  • Complete reimbursement request on form provided to approved applicants
  • Email form and eligible receipt(s) to: [email protected]
  1. Hotel Receipt with a -0- balance due (this is often the only receipt/expense needed to meet the $1250 maximum reimbursement)
  2. Total Mileage calculated at state rate
  3. Day and type of Meal (Monday Dinner, Tuesday, Dinner, etc.)