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Jul 10

7/10 Free Webinar: Website SEO Revealed—10 Tips To Search Engine Optimization

How does your website perform when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Is your company showing up on search engines? Did you know that people searching for a product or service online typically buy within 1 day of that search? In fact, they often shop and purchase within hours of that search.  Learn how to improve your websites' performance using SEO & digital tools. Get my 10 Steps to help your website and your products & services perform better on search.  

This Webinar Will Teach You:

  • What factors add to the algorithm for Search Engine Optimization.
  • How SEO can affect your digital advertising costs.
  • How to improve your website SEO.
  • How to reduce digital advertising and Adwords costs with smarter strategies.
  • How to reach more of your target market for less. 
  • How your company appears to consumers who need your services & products.
  • How to improve your website and ad results over competition to attract more visitors.
  • Learn recent changes that search engines & digital advertising have made recently that can impact your website results.
  • How to add a call-to-action and an automated follow-up program to engage your leads, past customers & new website visitors.

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Jul 10, 2024 01:00pm PT


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