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May 21

2024 ESPC Spring Meeting

ESPC Spring Meeting featuring great content, discussions, and networking!

May 21, 2024 08:30am ET - May 21, 2024 06:00pm ET

ArentFox Schiff, LLP
1717 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006
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9:30-10:30     KEYNOTE: Commentary on the 2024 Election

Speaker: Congressman Phil English (Ret.)

10:30-11:00   COFFEE BREAK

11:00-12:00   AI in Email Marketing: Separating the Tactical from the Strategic

The explosive interest in generative AI has fueled massive investments in AI models, infrastructure, and new services. In this high-urgency environment, it’s also fueled lots of confusion about how AI works, its benefits, and use cases.

In this session, Chad S. White, Head of Research at Oracle Digital Experience Agency will talk about the current state of AI in email marketing. He’ll also bring an AI lens to two common email marketing frameworks so marketers can see which use cases are tactical time-savers and which ones are long term strategy-enhancers.


Chad White, Head of Research, Oracle Digital Experience Agency

12:00-1:30     LUNCH

Lunch Topics:

·      Email attribution

·      BIMI

·      Issues in Deliverability Metrics (Inbox placement is measured in multiple ways. How to measure success, and how your

competitors do so.)

·      Careers in the email industry

·      Yahoo!/Google changes


TOPIC ONE: How Should ESPs Report Opens in Age of Prefetching?

In this part of the session, we’ll discuss the 3 ways that ESPs treat Apple auto-opens now (adding them, excluding them, or adjusting for them), which is making open rates difficult to compare across platforms. We’ll also discuss how big of an issue Gmail prefetching is. Are there more standardized ways of reporting opens in this new environment, and is this within the scope of the ESPC to solve for?


Pam Lord, GVP; Oracle Digital Experience Agency


Brian Sisolak, Partner; Message Digital

Heather Goff, Director of Strategic Services and Deliverability; Oracle Digital Experience Agency

Mary Kathleen Sullivan, Vice President of Marketing Services; ShawScott

Al Iverson, Industry Research and Community Engagement Lead; Valimail

TOPIC TWO: The Fate of ISP Inbox Features -- What’s changed with Schema & Annotations

In this part of the session, you will learn how schema and annotations has continued to evolve. What has gotten better? You may have noticed more carousel treatment of emails from your favorite brands showing up more in your Gmail mail app. We’ll discuss the difference between automated vs. manual implementation of annotations. What are the marketers’ main roadblocks are when testing and implementing annotations? What are the metrics showing in lift? And why don’t more brands stick with doing annotations long term?  


Pam Lord, GVP; Oracle Digital Experience Agency


Heather Goff, Director of Strategic Services and Deliverability; Oracle Digital Experience Agency

Brian Sisolak, Partner; Message Digital

2:30-3:30       What Does Deliverability Look Like in the World of SMS?

No one likes to get a text they weren’t expecting from an advertiser. Learn how brands navigate sending promotional SMS messages often enough to drive revenue and business but also seldom enough to avoid losing half their audience to unsubscribing. How do mobile carriers and device manufacturers react to reports of “Report this conversation as junk by sending it to AT&T and Apple from your phone number.” During our last meeting in mid-Oct we conducted a session on SMS and the Deliverability factors when sending SMS and Push messages. This session is an extension of those discussion topics or new trends and observations in SMS and PUSH. What are the various bounce codes that come back from processors and who they should be re-tried or not?


Tanya Plaza, Deliverability and Messaging Operations Director; Dotdigital

Tam Bond, Head of Messaging Operations; Dotdigital


3:30-4:00       COFFEE BREAK

4:00-5:00       The FTC's Privacy Program: Where Is It Now and Where Is It Going?

The FTC under Lina Kahn is more aggressive than it has been for over four decades. From its broad rulemaking effort, to expansive remedies, to expansive enforcement activities involving health data, biometric data, children’s data, and precise location data, to staking its claim as the nation’s cop on the AI beat through an unprecedented law-by-blogpost campaign, the FTC is now more assertive – and more innovative – than ever. This session will dive into the key areas of the FTC’s privacy program and look ahead to what’s coming in the second half of 2024 and beyond.



Reed Freeman, Partner; ArentFox Schiff

Michelle Bowling, Associate; ArentFox Schiff



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