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STORYLINE: The desolate expanses of the Mad Max world, resources are the lifeblood of survival. The Ironclad Reapers, a formidable group known for their heavily armored vehicles and brutal combat tactics, have long dominated the arid landscapes, controlling the vital supply routes of precious water, scarce ammunition, and essential survival supplies. Their iron grip over these resources has ensured their supremacy and survival, but it has also bred resentment and desperation among the other factions. The Scavenger Legion, a tenacious and cunning group adept at salvaging and repurposing whatever they can find, has risen as a significant challenger. They believe that the Reapers’ hoarding of resources is a tyrannical stranglehold that must be broken for the good of all.

The conflict between the Ironclad Reapers and the Scavenger Legion has erupted into a full-scale war, fought in brutal skirmishes across the barren wastelands. The Reapers seek to maintain their dominance and secure their resources from any who dare challenge their authority. In contrast, the Scavenger Legion fights with a fervor born of desperation and a desire for a fairer distribution of supplies. Every bullet, every drop of water, and every scrap of food is contested fiercely, as the outcome of this war will determine who will control the future of these wastelands. This struggle for survival has turned the already harsh world into a battlefield, where only the strongest and most resourceful can hope to emerge

 -This is a open world event, every man for himself.

 -Eye protection must be worn at all times while on the field.

 -There are no uniform requirements. Dressing in post-apocalyptic gear is encouraged to immerse players into the game, but not required.

  -Players are not allowed to bring ammo. We will supply ammo for the game. Players gear will be searched upon entry to the game. Make sure all mags are empty. If you try to sneak any ammo in and get caught you will be kicked out.

  -only weapons shooting 1.5 joules are allowed. No DMR, SNIPER OR LMG allowed.

  -players must enter and leave the field from designated exit or entrance. Players gear will be checked every time returning to the field. 

  -hi cap magazines are allowed but are discouraged. You will not get enough ammo to run this magazine. 

  -currency will be bottle caps. All missions will award caps, caps will purchase ammo. 

  -the graveyard / bizarre is a pistols only area. Upon entry players must leave their weapons outside the wall of the graveyard. 

  -hospital (respawn) will be located in the bazaar / graveyard. Heal times will vary.

  -players will be able to heal on the field using stimpacks that can be purchased with caps, or can be healed by a body or body medic. 

  -players can be looted. Loot-able items will have a limit on what you can take.


  • Players will be allowed to setup a table in the bazaar/ graveyard to sell merchandise.
  • You must provide your own table
  • Items for sale cannot be looted
  • Anyone wanting to setup a table should arrive by 8am



Minimum age is 10. All players must sign a waiver and anyone under 18 must have that waiver also signed by a parent/ guardian. All players must check in at registration and receive a player’s badge or wristband before they can participate. Non-player personnel must also sign waivers.

Eye protection must be full seal ASTM certified goggles with a strap. Players under 18 are allowed to wear goggles and wire mesh lowers or full facemask. No wire mesh goggles allowed. Goggles should never be removed during game play even in netted HQ areas. If your goggles become fogged, ask for a referee.

Weaponry must be made safe by removing the magazine and clearing the hop-up before coming off field. Barrel covers must be used in safe zone. No dry firing in safe zone; chronograph area is available for testing.

Respect of property, equipment, and other players is required.

Any conduct done with malicious intent will result in the offender being banned from our facility and the authorities will be called.

Homemade fireworks and pyrotechnics are not allowed. Commercially produced cold smoke grenades, pea grenades and similar items are allowed at the EO’s discretion. 

Radio eavesdropping is not allowed unless permitted in the scenario by the EO.

Metal or glass ammunition is not permitted. Bio preferred but not required.

Real weapons, including firearms and large fixed blade knives, cannot be permitted on the property.

If you are hit, announce your hit and place kill rag on your head. Players are to follow game protocol. Only call your own hits!

“Dead Men Don’t Talk!”—Anyone caught talking when dead will automatically kill any live players that player is spotted talking to.

BLIND MAN – This is a code we announce when there is an on field emergency. All players must drop to one knee, place Airsoft gun on ground and wait for instructions.

No overshooting or blind firing. Always look down the barrel before and while shooting.

No running into or through buildings. Floors are often slippery.

No climbing, changing, or moving of trees, or any structures. Do not stick head out or climb through windows.

Players should wear adequate clothing, including personal protection.

No verbal abuse, profanity, name calling, or slurs of any kind. No physical contact allowed.

Please do not shoot any animals or game personnel.

Alcohol and narcotics are not allowed at Blastcamp.


Weapons class and fps limits: All weapons that are designated full auto have a ROF cap of 20bps. No binary triggers allowed for any weapons system (must be turned off) 

Assault rifles: All assault rifles and smg are semi auto only (no matter how they are powered) must not be over 1.5 joules.

Grenade Launchers, Bazooka, and RPG: Nerf Rockets, Tag -inn rounds of any style are NOT ALLOWED. If BBs are fired from your launcher, anyone hit will be called dead. Any player killed from a launcher strike cannot be healed. RPG, Bazooka, Law, or homemade launcher must be 4ft, and painted to look authentic or military. 

Grenades: Thunder B’s and pea grenades have a 20ft kill radius. Tornado grenades, or any other types that spray BBs without an explosion kill by BB contact. Tagg-in rounds of any sort are NOT allowed

Jul 13

Mad Max Open World Event

Join us for this 1 Day "OPEN WORLD" Airsoft OP produced by Cobra Airsoft Legion. BEWARE: This will NOT be a Force on Force event. This is an OPEN WORLD event where a very limited amount of ammo will be provided at the beginning of the game then you barter for more throughout the day.

563 west 600 north
Hobart, IN 46342
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Jul 13, 2024 08:00am - Jul 13, 2024 04:00pm

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