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Thursday morning, February 1, 2024

Wellness and Weight Loss

Join us for this enormously successful live, group program that meets every 2 weeks virtually!

Are you interested in....

  • Wellness strategies personally or professionally?
  • Weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight?
  • Learning simple lifestyle modifications to feel better?
  • Building immune system resilience?
  • Brain health for memory, anxiety, and brain fog?
  • Minimizing bone loss and muscle loss associated with aging?

Important keys to optimal health and aging are diet/nutrition and lifestyle. We don't need to accept that waking up stiff and achy, or forgetting what you were about to do, or that your clothing is getting tighter, is just part of aging!

With a minimum commitment of only 3 hours per month, each session is 90 minutes, you can start improving your wellness IQ to feel better, move better, think better, and sleep better.

By applying the model of our successful CDC-approved Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) plus our most popular continuing education courses for rehab professionals, these popular Wellness and Weight Loss classes include the most effective strategies and helpful information based on participant reviews. Our 2019-2020 DPP group of 10 participants lost a grand total of 207# including losses over holidays! All of our Wellness and Weight Loss groups lose weight (every program includes multiple holidays) and report many positive changes in sleep, pain, movement, energy, and more! Over 90% of participants complete this program and every group in every program has had weight loss and or improvements in wellness in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Don't be surprised that shared wins and challenges are often the highlights of each class! Packed with actionable steps and information, every session will include pearls for optimal weight control, immune system response, brain health, and bone health. Plus basic education and support for autoimmune conditions, arthritis, and prediabetes are woven throughout the program.

Sessions also include videos, cooking tips, hints for shopping for healthy foods on a budget, scavenger hunts, recipes, and more! Support is provided between sessions too! 

Less than $25 per session!

Pre-registration for the entire program is required.

If this program is not a fit for you in the first month,

you may request a full refund prior to the 3rd session.

Accountability can be fun!

Join us for this live, group program that meets twice per month for 90 minutes virtually. This supportive group program saves you hundreds of dollars on comparable 1:1 wellness sessions valued at $1200 or more!

Are you a PT or OT professional

and would like continuing education credit for this program?

This is a unique format and special opportunity to receive live and self-study credit for clinically relevant and evidence-informed health and wellness coursework, plus you will receive experience in motivational interviewing that is applicable to patient care. Complete all 8 live sessions of 90 minutes each and related self-study activities with post-tests at your convenience to receive a total of 16 hours of CE credit (12 live, 4 self-study) for only $275 (includes certificate fee).

Schedule and topics 

February 1: Keys to weight loss, carbs vs fat vs protein, food sensitivities

February 15: Food label show-and-tell, shopping strategies, blood sugar

February 29: Activity counts, quick cardio and simple stretches

March 14: FAQs about fasting, supplements, ketogenic and other trendy diets

March 28: Sleep, stress, cravings, and weight gain

April 11: Insulin resistance, prediabetes, and inflammation

April 25: Myths and new studies about counting calories, cholesterol, and fat

May 9: Healthy swaps, cooking tips, long term weight control

Sequence and content of topics may be subject to change.

If you are unable to attend these dates or times, a new self-study version may be an option for you!

Please email Sheryl at [email protected] for more information.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 708.301.9933

Please join us for this supportive, live group program

every 2 weeks for 90 minutes virtually!

Rehab Connections' Wellness and Weight Loss programs

are developed and presented by Sheryl Poremba, PT, CCM.

Her 38+ years of clinical experience plus advanced training and

personal health journey bring numerous complementary resources

and approaches to this live group program.

Virtual location

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Feb 01, 2024 08:30am - May 09, 2024 10:00am

For optimal group interaction, seats are limited! 

Below the Professional Designations section, please be sure to check the box: "Yes, send my class materials and updates by email."

$195.00 - $275.00