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How Best To Make A Bad Decision: Dialectical Dilemmas for Clients in High Stress Environments

The presentation delves into the everyday ethical dilemmas that clients who work in professionals who work in high-stress environments frequently encounter, highlighting the dangers of black-and-white thinking and advocating for a more nuanced, complex approach. "How To Best Make a Bad Decision" is an insightful and relevant session tailored specifically for mental health practitioners working with active duty military, veterans, law enforcement, and first responders facing substance abuse issues.

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Jun 12, 2024 10:00am ET - Jun 12, 2024 11:30am ET

Presenter: Robert "Tony" Dice, PhD

Dr. Dice is a clinical therapist and a nationally recognized counselor, trainer, and presenter. Having served as Firefighter, Paramedic, U.S. Navy SEAL and a professional military group counselor, Dr. Dice is in a unique position to understand and articulate the gap that exists between conventional counseling and the culture of “Those who serve.” Based in Virginia Beach, VA, he operates a successful veteran, military, law enforcement, and first responder intensive outpatient program and is recognized in the field as a leading addiction specialist. Dr. Dice is a Subject Matter Expert in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, suicide, substance abuse, and matters related to veteran, military, law enforcement, and first responder mental health concerns. He was previously the Mental Health Director at EVMS’s Ambulatory Care Center where he oversaw and implemented training programs focused on common military related behavioral healthcare concerns, evidence-based treatment of PTSD, and suicide prevention and treatment. Dr. Dice has presented at regional, national, and international levels including conferences, continuing education events, and special projects. As an accomplished key-note speaker, he has presented at the International Association for Counseling Annual Conference in Rome, Italy, the American Counseling Association Annual Conference in Louisiana, the National Organization for Human Services Annual Conferences in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Florida, & Maryland, the Law Enforcement, Probation and Parole Officers Annual Conference in Virginia, the Global Social Welfare Digital Summit, and the Military Families Learning Network. Additionally, he has published in the field of mental health and is currently an adjunct professor at Old Dominion University where he teaches courses in addiction and human services. Dr. Dice’s experience as therapist, paramedic, firefighter, military servicemember, devoted husband, loving father of five and PTSD and SUD survivor have allowed for a unique understanding of the human condition. He has been recognized at both the regional and national levels for his contributions to his profession and his service to the community. Dr. Dice holds degrees in social sciences, human services, and counselor education and supervision.

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