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Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction for Lawyers

Presented by:

Nathan Rose, MS


12:05 pm - 1:00 pm - May 2, 2024

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I hour CLE applied for

Lawyers litigating crashes involving motorcycles will benefit from understanding the types of data and evidence that reveal the pre-collision speed of the motorcycle. This data includes traditional types of physical evidence like skid marks and vehicle damage, but these days, it also frequently includes electronic data from the vehicles (passenger cars and motorcycles) and video footage from surveillance, dash, and GoPro cameras. This 1-hour presentation will use case studies of real-world intersection collisions involving motorcycles to introduce and discuss these important topics within motorcycle accident reconstruction.

Attorneys who attend the presentation will come away with an appreciation of important types of evidence that can be preserved to help them assess and try their cases.

Course Outline

1.    Introduction

2.    Case Study #1

a.    Using GoPro telemetry and passenger car EDR data to reconstruct an accident.

3.    Case Study #2

a.    Using surveillance video footage and passenger car EDR data to reconstruct an accident.

4.    Case Study #3

a.    Using evidence on a motorcycle tire to reconstruct an accident.

5.    Case Study #4

a.    Using dashcam video analysis, EDR data, and animation to reconstruct an accident.