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Jul 08

KS Specialty Crop Producers Workshop

Welcome to the Specialty Crop Producers Workshop's registration page. This is a 3-day event taking place on the dates below:
July 8 -Tomato Pests & Disease IPM
July 22 -Understanding Pesticides
August 12- Pollinators & Pesticides
Please see below for more program information and if you have any questions, please contact Agriculture Agent Margit Kaltenekker at 785-843-7058 ext. 113.

To Be Announced

Jul 08, 2024 06:00pm - Aug 12, 2024 08:30pm

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Workshop Schedule & Details

All Workshops are from 6:00 - 8:30 pm.

Are your tomatoes starting to come into production? Be well-prepared to identify, monitor and prevent pests or disease from taking over! 

“Dealing with 'Bug' problems in Tomato Production Systems”, and “What’s that ‘Spot’? Identifying and Managing Tomato Diseases?”, with Dr. Raymond Cloyd and Dr. Megan Kennelly,

will provide a deep dive into identifying and treating various tomato pests and diseases, because we aren’t the only ones that like tomatoes!


Do you know how your pesticides are killing bugs and why? There are so many pesticides available. Whether using Organic, biological or conventional products, do you know which insecticides, fungicides to choose and why? ‘Understanding Pesticides’, is all about understanding how different classes of pesticides work and why. To make best use of the materials, we need to understand the pest or disease we are targeting, at which life stage, and the residual effects that might be at play. This knowledge is essential to provide insight to selecting and targeting applications, getting the best bang for your buck!


‘Pollinators and Pesticides’ will dispel myths and misunderstandings of the interactions between pollinators and pesticides. We all know we need the ‘good guys’ – so crucial to hefty produce yields. But do we really know the counter effects of various pest control measures used to manage the ‘bad guys’ (whether insecticides, fungicides, etc.)? How do pesticides effect our pollinators, and how do we best protect pollinators? Are we needlessly blasting away all the ‘good bugs’ by spraying broad spectrum insecticides? How can we balance the two? Attending ‘Understanding Pesticides’ will provide background to this workshop.


Meeting IN Person with other producers, as well as State Specialists, will provide camaraderie, technical and cultural insights that cannot be gained from virtual video presentations. Come ask YOUR Questions!



July 8th, 2024: Tomato Pests & Disease IPM

Topic: Dealing With 'Bug' Problems In Tomato Production Systems

Speaker: Dr. Raymond Cloyd

Topic: What's that Spot? Identifying and Managing Tomato Diseases

Speaker: Dr. Megan Kennelly

Location: Juniper Hill Farms, Lawrence, KS, 1547 N 2000 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66044


July 22nd, 2024: Understanding Pesticides

Topic: Understanding Pesticides: Why It Is Important To Know How Pesticides Kill “Bugs”

Speaker: Dr. Raymond Cloyd

Location: Z & M Twisted Vines, Winery 24305 Loring Rd, Lawrence, KS 66044


August 12, 2024: Pollinators & Pesticides

Topic: Pollinators and Pesticides: What Are The Facts And What Are The Misperceptions?

Speaker: Dr. Raymond Cloyd

Location: Table View Farm, 840 Shawnee RD., Pomona, KS 66076

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