Klamath Irrigation District

proudly presents

11-12 March 2024

The Endangered Species Act at 50 Symposium

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Join us for our ESA @ 50 Symposium

on 11 March 2024 at the

Klamath Community College

Conference Center

7390 South 6th Street | Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Experts will present and engage in a panel discussion on elements of Section 7 of the ESA, economic effects, and habitat conservation planning.

Our panel members include:

Dr. Katherine Wright - Senior Researcher with PERC 

Heather Whiteman Runs Him J.D. - Director of Tribal Justice Clinic

Dr. Daniel Bigelow - OSU Department of Applied Economics

Mike Brennan J.D. - Former USFWS attorney

Lucas Cooksey - Texas A&M NRI

Chris Beck - NEPA Expert

Mike Britton - Executive Manager at North Unit Irrigation District

A District tour is available on the 12th of March.

Our speaker lineup includes a talented group of experts who promise engaging sessions to help enhance our understanding of the ESA.

Have a look at who you can expect to see on our stage.


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Why Should We Attempt to Understand the ESA

"When the Endangered Species Act passed 50 years ago, its ultimate goal was clear: to recover listed species to the point that they no longer need the act’s protections. Fifty years later, how much progress has been made to recover listed species?" - Dr. Katie Wright The Endangered Species Act at 50 | PERC

As Dr. Rodger Gwiazdowski stated during the 24 January 2024 Sucker Symposium at Oregon Institute of Technology, we need a strategic vision to inform our decision making. This ESA @ 50 Symposium attempts to provide questions for which a shared vision of the future can be discussed openly.

Section 7 consultation under the ESA is the process federal agencies use to interact with the Services to address the conservation of listed species. Under Section 7(a)(1), federal agencies are required to use their authorities to carry out programs for the conservation of listed species under the ESA. The Services note that this provision supports a proactive conservation planning process by federal agencies that will enable the agencies to plan their actions and programs to allow for the conservation and recovery of listed species.

Addressing whether the ESA has been successful at conserving species, various stakeholders have raised numerous other issues related to the act, including the following:

 The ESA’s effects on private property and landowners

 The ability to conserve species before it is necessary to list them

 The cost of listing species and the resulting economic impacts

 The availability of funding for the ESA

 Incentives for conservation under the ESA

 States’ role in conserving listed species

 Delays in listing, delisting, and reclassification of species under the ESA

 Litigation related to the ESA

The Endangered Species Act: Overview and Implementation (congress.gov)

“All of us concerned about the future of wildlife in this country should take a close look at the ideas...to ensure that imperiled species not only avoid extinction, but can recover and thrive.”

—Steven Williams, Former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director and Wildlife Management Institute President