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Empowering Future IT Talent:

Leveraging IT Youth Apprenticeships as a Strategic Talent Development Solution

This month's IT Roundtable is designed to explore the critical role of IT youth apprenticeships in developing the next generation of IT workforce and digital innovators. Attendees will gain insights into how structured youth apprenticeship programs can serve as a strategic solution for talent development, addressing the growing demand for skilled IT professionals. The session will highlight best practices, success stories, and actionable strategies for integrating youth apprenticeships into your organization's talent pipeline.

Key Areas Covered

  • Getting Started: Overview, benefits, requirements, and program areas.
  • Program Components: Job site and classroom hour requirements, performance evaluations.
  • Employer Benefits: How businesses can benefit from participating.
  • Program Career Areas: Specialties include IT essentials, network systems, software development, and broadband technology.
  • Student Eligibility: Criteria for students to join the program.
  • Labor Laws: Compliance with minor labor laws and insurance requirements.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to hear first hand from an industry peer on their experience with using youth apprentices.

June 19, 2024

12 - 1 p.m.

Virtual, Zoom

Once you have RSVP'd to the event, you will receive a confirmation email that includes the virtual Zoom link to the roundtable.

Roundtable Presenters

Tania Kilpatrick

Director, Career Readiness


Tania Kilpatrick is the Director of College and Career Readiness at CESA 6, a role in which she leverages over 15 years of diverse experience in both business and education. Her extensive career at CESA 6, spanning nearly two decades, showcases her unwavering commitment to enhancing college and career readiness for students. Tania's work focuses on developing comprehensive programs that bridge the gap between education and the professional world, ensuring students are well-prepared for future challenges and opportunities. As a dedicated advocate for youth apprenticeship programs, Tania emphasizes the transformative potential these programs have for students, helping them gain hands-on experience and valuable skills that are essential for their future careers. Her leadership involves close collaboration with educators, administrators, and community partners to create seamless transitions from school to college and the workforce​.

Jason Schwoerer

Senior Manager of IT Operations and Security

Lakeside Foods, Inc.

Jason Schwoerer is the Senior Manager of IT Operations and Security at Lakeside Foods, Inc. In his role, he oversees the company's network operations, ensuring the security and efficiency of IT infrastructure. He is known for his innovative approach and dedication to implementing technological solutions that enhance business processes and remove inefficiencies. Jason's professional background and his contributions to Lakeside Foods highlight his expertise in IT security and operations management within the food production industry​.

Lakeside Foods, headquartered in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, is a leading food production company specializing in canned and frozen vegetables, as well as frozen whipped topping and appetizers. The company has been in operation since 1887 and employs between 1,000 and 5,000 people, generating an estimated annual revenue between $100 million and $500 million.

Sara Waitrovich

Human Resources Business Partner


Sara Waitrovich has been an HR professional for 25 years and currently holds the role of HR Business Partner at Plexus Corp. In her role, Sara leads and supports the talent and organizational performance needs for the Global IT and Legal/Compliance teams. She helps develop and implement strategies regarding talent acquisition, talent development, talent management and employee engagement to ensure alignment to business needs.   


Plexus Corp, headquartered in Neenah, Wisconsin, was established in 1979. Plexus is a contract manufacturer in the electronics industry. The company has grown to ~22,000 team members globally, $4.2 Billion revenue in F23.

This roundtable is free to attend. Feel free to invite others who would benefit from this discussion, including marketing departments, management, sales teams, etc. This is open to NEW Digital Alliance investors and those interested in learning more about the NEW Digital Alliance