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Nov 07

Botox + ByLaws: Smoothing Out the Truths around RDHS Delivering Neuromodulators

Forehead wrinkles around the world cowered in fear the day dental hygienists were granted the opportunity to deliver Botox to their patients in the state of Arizona. With swift legislation, head and neck licensed experts were now granted the opportunity to take their injectable training to the next level in offering additional services for their patients. However, with great opportunity comes great responsibility, and as quickly as legislation was pushed, the questions around safe and legal delivery of neuromodulators by dental hygienists in Arizona came into question. Concerns over the language and the perceived safety created large conversation and deep concern in how to legally [and safely] approach this new language with care.

Like the forehead of an over-injected patient, this concern nearly froze the provision of dental hygienists delivering neuromodulators, and Katrina Sanders aims to clarify these points for success. Meanwhile, legislative language has created more confused faces [and crease lines on foreheads] than ever before. 

Let’s smooth out the wrinkles in this language and leverage the knowledge of key experts to fully understand the Botox/neuromodulation legislation in the state of Arizona for good!

Join Katrina Sanders alongside AzDHA Advocacy Chair and BODEX committee member Ms. Deb Kappes, RDH, MPH and Arizona Dental Hygienists’ Association leadership team member Katy Obert, RDH as they discuss the existing landscape of the provision of neuromodulation in the state of Arizona. Learn how the existing language from BODEX and the Attorney General offer guidelines regarding the safe delivery of neuromodulators for a safe and legal practice. Finally, meet Brandie Heredia, RN, neuromodulator expert and injectable educator as she unpacks the common instructional details necessary for safe delivery while identifying some of the key ways dental hygienists are leveraging their injectable skills for neuromodulation success in clinical practice.

Prerequisite: none. 

While providers in the state of Arizona are encouraged to attend, anyone with a license can and should attend this informative and interactive program designed to educate the dental community on the steps Arizona has taken to leverage the skills of a dental hygienist.

1 CE Credit Offered.

Course Objectives:

  1. Review the Attorney General language as it relates to expansion of procedures for dental hygienists in Arizona
  2. List the specific conditions requiring satisfaction to permit a dental hygienist to perform neuromodulation therapy in the state of Arizona
  3. Identify appropriate sources of sufficient instruction and training in order to deliver neuromodulators in a safe manner

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Nov 07, 2023 07:00pm PT - Nov 07, 2023 08:00pm PT


A portion of the proceeds from this program will be donated in kind back to the Arizona Dental Hygienists’ Association as a means of supporting lobbying efforts.