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Jan 18

Nonprofit Strategies for Building Grant Ready Programs

Join Fordable Fundraising and Gavin Clark of Task Force Analytics for an engaging discussion on effective strategies and impactful program development. Don't miss this opportunity to collaborate with other nonprofit leaders and industry experts and better prepare your organization for 2024.

Our Guest Presenter: Gavin Clark

Gavin Clark is a versatile analytics professional known for his tailored approach and attention to detail. With a 10+ year background in economics and project management, Gavin has worked on diverse projects ranging from small businesses and non-profit assessments to enterprise-level supply chain and workforce planning initiatives. His ability to understand stakeholder needs and translate them into structured reporting and insightful visualizations sets him apart. Based out of Gardnerville, Nevada, Gavin finds inspiration through his family and The Great Outdoors.

About the Event

Impact is like the heartbeat of a nonprofit. It's proof that your efforts are making a real difference. When you can show how your work directly affects positive change, it's like shouting from the rooftops, "Hey, we're doing something amazing here!" And, it is what donors really want. The better you get at defining, measuring and reporting the success and impact of your services, the more competitive you will be for donor resources. 

As you delve into the realm of impact data, consider asking critical questions: What elements may be missing from your impact data? Where do your strengths lie, and where might the weakest link exist? These insightful inquiries will be explored in depth during a dynamic roundtable featuring Gavin Clark.

Join us for an engaging session that promises not only to unveil areas for improvement but also to celebrate the strides your organization has made in creating positive and lasting change.

Jan 18, 2024 03:30pm PT

1855 First Ave., 100, San Diego, CA 92101
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