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Feb 19

WPAT Module #2 Cycle 4

In this module, we will look at grade 5 curriculum and will continue with carving "graceful and beautiful" animals or sea creatures and making simple toys such as a spinning top, a cup and ball toy or a Jacobs's ladder.

In soft crafts we will cover the second grade curriculum. Building on the knitting skills we learned in first grade, we will add the purl stitch to our repertoire. Students will knit the classic Rainbow Ball in stockinette stitch and then move on to knit a bear and clothing for your bear.

February 19-24, 2024

Course Fee: $710

(not including materials fee)

Online: $595

Mona Lewis completed her Waldorf Teacher training at WISC in the year 2000. During her time at WISC, she worked in the Early Childhood Center at Highland Hall for four years. She began teaching Handwork in grades one through nine at Highland Hall in the year 2000. She has completed the Illuminated Watercolor course (a three-year program in veil painting) with Leszek Forczek. Mona has traveled the west coast giving workshops on natural plant dyes, and uses the dye garden extensively in her work with the children. She has served in the role of mentor, facilitator and teacher development at Highland Hall. Mona is assistant director of the Waldorf Practical Arts Training program.

Jack Bryant completed his Waldorf Teacher training at WISC in 2000, taking his first teaching assignment at the Santa Fe Waldorf School in New Mexico. Since 2001, Jack has been teaching sculpting and practical arts full time at Highland Hall Waldorf School and now teachers at Waldorf School of Orange County. He has traveled extensively through China, teaching in many Waldorf Teacher Training courses and presenting many workshops at Chinese Waldorf Schools. Jack is the founder of WPAT, the Waldorf Practical Arts Training program in Los Angeles. He brings more than 30 years of practical experience to his teaching, having worked in the building and construction trades. He attended Art Center College of Design and Santa Monica College. Jack has four children who are Waldorf graduates.

Waldorf School of Orange County
2350 Canyon Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
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Feb 19, 2024 09:00am PT - Feb 24, 2024 04:30pm PT

$0.00 - $710.00