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Jun 17

Online Deliverance Prayer Session - June 17, 2024

We look forward to you joining our next St. Michael Center deliverance prayer webinar because God has been so generous to us in our previous sessions.

Join us and witness how good God is to us all and how He wants to heal us. All glory to God!

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Jun 17, 2024 06:30pm ET - Jun 17, 2024 08:00pm ET

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Read reflections from our Last Prayer Session:

I am new here to this group. I really appreciate your talks, your prayers…I am enlightened and not afraid with God, I know God loves us all.

I've been praying for the conversion of my brothers and my of my two brothers and my father both joined me in praying during this Online Deliverance session-- I almost couldn't believe it but yet there they were, praying along with us and they stayed until the very end! All glory and praise to God.

Felt really joyful and peaceful!!!

In April my teen daughter prayed with us the prayers. Afterwards she had a change for the better. It was remarkable. My husband and I will keep praying each month with our kids.

I have been depressed for several months. This morning, I felt like a great weight was lifted from me. I am so grateful to all of you…May God continue to bless you for this most healing ministry. I’m telling everyone I know about it.

By the end of the prayer session, I felt lighter and at peace. Thank you!

Twice I felt a release in my chest and I took a deep breath on 2 occasions. I had tears at one point and felt beautiful peace. 

During the Litany of Saints I felt a sharp sudden pain in neck when we got to Padre Pio. I've been having neck pain for awhile now and we have a special love and veneration for Padre Pio in our family. I sprinkled holy water on myself and my neck, the pain dissipated almost immediately.

Please continue to do God's work. The amount of peace I receive after these sessions is tremendous.

Several times some tears were "around a corner" of my eyes. When the Deliverance Prayer Session was over a search of joyous peace appeared.

The experience was great and awesome, holy spirit filled and I felt the hand of God is working in me and making me whole again with blessings and anointing, I thank God for this ministry of St.Michael Center 

It was a very moving and real experience that was going through me, and healing my soul, mind and body. As of today, I am much calmer, and not anxious, or sad anymore. My memories of terrible past experiences that used to haunt me, left me. 

I experienced an uplifting sense of peace, joy, and closeness to God.

I was nervous at first but it was wonderful. I really feel like I was able to connect with God and break any ties I had with anything not supported by God.

Felt extremely relaxed and confident in the knowledge that God was working within me.

I felt such profound peace and happiness after todays session.

I feel the protection and peace of God during your sessions. A lightness comes and lifting of fear happens. 

I've noticed every time we come to the freeing from the freemasons curse part of the deliverance prayers I have a struggle of either coughing, or wanting to fall asleep. We have Scottish lineage in our family so suspect we have links to the freemasons

I am so grateful for these prayers it is certainly helping break the yoke of my involvement with Tibetan Buddhism which I have repented. Sincere gratitude.

I was experiencing lots of anxiety and worry but I pushed through. At the end I felt strong and was able to once again engage in my discussion with kind, loving, but assertive dialogue. I just pray that my children be saved and come back to Christ.

I attend the prayer session in March 2024. Within two weeks after, two people close to me, on separate occasions, and without my solicitation, commented on my disposition. My husband remarked that I was "joyful." My best friend described me as "effervescent." Neither knew I had attended the deliverance session. 

I feel so different! Peaceful, settled. A huge weight lifted. 

During the session, I sensed that something lifted and then the peace and love came.

I felt a deep sense of relief & peace after saying the "I am loved" prayer.

Not sure of what I would get out of it especially since I’m in the West Cost…I was half praying the rosary and half hearted still trying to finish my work day. As the deliverance prayers started I realized that tears would start flowing out of no where followed by minor headaches. I would then wholeheartedly start praying, rebuking and telling the spirits that were attached to leave.

it certainly felt very powerful. At certain points I felt myself physically shaking, and I also felt an immense sense of peace and love throughout the prayer session. I have been battling with many of the topics that were discussed and am now much more hopeful than yesterday about the way forward. Thank you

By the end of the deliverance prayers I felt lifted up and loved!

I felt very energetic afterwards & the next day I'm super relaxed. This has totally rejuvenated my life & filled it with love. Thank you.

I feel a great peace especially during the prayer about freemasons and the Latin. Prayers that you say over us. And I don’t worry like I used to about everything so I really appreciate these sessions. They’ve helped me tremendously. So, thank you.

There is a wonderful peace and calm that come over me as we all pray together. I am so looking forward to June and July Session.

It was great, I slept 10 hours after ! Thank you so much, i feel better and lighter !

So there's this sense of perpetual, on-going renewal that is remarkable, particularly humbling and awe inspiring. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude to all for this ministry.

Whenever I attend and participate in those prayer sessions, I feel a huge sense of relief, new hope and getting strength. Afterwards I am a lot more optimistic… I

I felt lighter and stronger after praying for deliverance from occult practice. When I was in my teens and twenties, I was interested in astrology and numerology. As I was praying, I started to remember things like seeing a Gypsy, having my palm read etc. All of a sudden it was like a burst of freedom! I carried that around for over forty years. Thank you, Father, for these sessions. AMEN!

Thanks very much for the session. As usual, I felt lighter afterwards, and more open to God. 

Before the session began I was extremely sleepy and tired as it was past midnight here, but as the prayer session progressed i could pray more fervently and my tiredness and sleepiness just vanished. I felt immense peace and sense of hope.

Peace filled my heart when I released shame caused by mistreatment of certain individuals. I confessed this prideful behavior but knew the lingering darkness vanished during the session. Thank you..

Today I feel a sense of joy and peace. Something lifted. Thank you. 🙏

While I was attending the session I felt intense pain in my chest initially…and by the end of the prayers there was this immense weight lifted of my chest.

I was feeling nausea, sleepy, headache and a small discomfort in the middle of my chest…by the end of the session I felt very good and…I slept very good last night

I’ve a pain deep in my heart, Father Rossetti spoke of layers a few sessions back. I’m slowly releasing this pain, but it is deep.  I’ll keep joining for the sessions. I always sleep peacefully afterwards.

I felt refreshed and with peace of mind. It was wonderful.

Always feel a deep sense of God's Peace, during and after each dynamic session. Yesterday, right after our session, our daughter called. It has been months since I have talked with answer to prayer.

Very comforting and peaceful experience that brought healing and closure to past wounds and wrongs.

The rosary was a beautiful start, and I felt emotionally nurtured and comforted during the healing prayers. This was a powerful session. 

For the past two weeks I haven’t been feeling like myself, I been fatigued, sad, and angry. After the session I fell asleep and woke up happy and full of energy, I wasn’t sad or angry anymore. The energy in the house feels light and clean, it doesn’t feel heavy. 

I can’t remember which prayer it was but one of them brought tears to my eyes that would not stop. I wasn’t emotionally crying just tearing uncontrollably and feeling a weight lifted from me. 

I am overwhelmed by the joy I feel after each session with the St. Michael's Center session. 

The prayers were so beautiful and powerful that I just felt such peace in my heart and soul. Thank you 🙏

The Exorcist prayer session gives me life and light.

Every moment of the deliverance prayer session felt like a great releasing. An inner peace came over me. It was a great experience.

I felt an extreme peace during the session. At the final blessing, I had tears flowing down my face.

The deliverance prayer session was beautiful and consoling to me. I'm blessed that a friend made me aware of it.

Joyful tears with peace.  

There was tears as well as a mild nausea, this only lasted for a very short period time. At the end of session I felt peace.

The prayers brought me into a deeper contemplative sort-of prayer. Afterward I felt peacefulness and joy. 

I received such a beautiful Grace of peace that is still within me. Those prayers were so very powerful and I felt the Lord touch me in the core of my heart and soul. My burden seems so much lighter tonight.

Tonight was such a pleasant surprise. Father was so warm, calm, normal, and reassuring that the battle has been WON by Jesus. I was reminded of God's love.

I was moved to tears, however, by the reminder that I am loved. ❤️‍🔥 thank-you so very much.

Tonight it felt like my chest was going to explode, but I managed to hang on. Cried my eyes out through most of it. Something has changed. A breakthrough, and the hope is now real! thank you all!!

Cried through different parts of it. Felt lighter or a lightness inside of me or like a small weight has been taken off of me. This lightness carried on after the end of the prayer session and I feel peace in my heart. I feel good inside.

This session brought me gratitude, peace and joy. I had tears of thanksgiving for the first part of the session, and a return of joy in the faith that has been missing.

I always feel great peace, but it also helps me review my life. I remember things, incidents that have changed my life. I think these sessions are great especially for meditation before confession. 

I feel lightened in spirit and even physically. Like I had baggage on me for my sins and fears but after the deliverance session, I believe God has redeemed me for known and unknown sins. Thank you!

I felt the power of the Holy Spirit and had many healing tears. I felt the powerful love of Jesus and Mary. 

I felt a fire in my chest at the beginning of the prayer session, and before the end I felt like a big burden was lift up from my body, actually I'm feeling a lot of Peace.

I felt a deep sense of peace and renewed hope for my loved ones who aren’t practicing the faith.

The forgiveness prayers were difficult but it made me face the anger and resentment I have towards my employer…My close friend from church told me about tonight's program. I believe that was God intervening for me.

Experienced joy, gratitude, healing of self-hatred, and deliverance from Masonic curses. Raised my arms in praise during the ancient exorcist prayer in Latin!!

I felt a potent peace. This will sound weird but here goes: I felt 3 small areas in the gut that suddenly felt like they belonged to me again, that somehow even though of course they’re in my body, I felt aware of them and had a sense of them belonging to me. 

From the moment Fr started praying I began to weep. I could feel the Spirit of God working in me and in my family. 

I felt tearful during the prayers about self-hatred, forgiving people who have hurt me and during the prayers about generational issues. We are thanking the Lord for His healing love and for you. 

So many of the prayers were very meaningful to me. I broke down and wept when assured of God's Love who sees me worthy to love. The prayers for healing of family problems spoke to the difficulty that is happening in my family now.

Tonight I definitely felt the work of the Holy Spirit. I felt something lift during one of the prayers for deliverance of curses, hexes, spells, etc

Very emotional experience. Some part I felt my heart being healed.

It was so amazing. I was deeply touched and moved to tears a number of times. It feels very personal, even though it is online! I can't wait to recruit my husband and sons for the next one.

I felt like something was being pulled from me and I got emotional at one point. 

During the Deliverance Prayers against curses, I suddenly broke out into a sweat and afterwards experienced a short bout of nausea. I experienced tremendous peace well over me at the end of the session…The love of God just filled my heart at that moment. I felt so much gratitude.

I felt a weight on my chest that progressively felt lifted as it went on. I was brought to tears of joy on two or three occasions. It was truly a blessing.

I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort. It was as if a heavy burden had been lifted from my shoulders. The prayer brought me a renewed sense of hope and spiritual strength.

I experienced a deep sense of peace and joy. I feel as though much of the past damage due to stress has been relieved.