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Plan to Placement Fall Cohort

Join Debra McLean and David Murahashi over six online sessions to strengthen a cohort of Supported Employment Providers to skillfully gather person-centered Employment Planning information. Through coaching and mentoring, attendees will learn key job development strategies to assist job seekers in obtaining Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE). This is a great resource for Community Inclusion and people seeking to transition into CIE. Plan to Placement has now been approved for Certified Employment Support Professional™ (CESP) Continuing Education credits.

Participants will be building their skills and at the end of the project, will be able to:

  • Define and outline steps to gather Person-Centered Employment Plan information, utilize tools created within the cohort for practicum/homework activities
  • Have a toolkit of strategies and resources for Person Centered thinking and Job Development
  • Describe how to utilize Person-Centered information for successful job development 
  • Gather Person-Centered information on at least two job seekers 
  • Develop Job Seeker Employment Resource Tool

The first two sessions of the Plan to Placement Cohort Series will walk participants through a person-centered employment planning process alongside job seekers chosen by participants. The following four sessions will weave in job development techniques for the job seekers who are currently in job development services. During each session, we will reflect on how to apply the techniques to specific steps on behalf of each job seeker. The goal of this process is that job seekers will be close to placement by the end of the series. Participants time in this cohort can be considered part of the job development process.

Fall Cohort Dates:

  • October 31, 10-11:30am PT, 1-2:30pm ET
  • November 7, 10-11:30am PT, 1-2:30pm ET
  • November 14, 10-11:30am PT, 1-2:30pm ET
  • November 28, 10-11:30am PT, 1-2:30pm ET
  • December 5, 10-11:30am PT, 1-2:30pm ET
  • December 12, 10-11:30am PT, 1-2:30pm ET

Registration for this series is $750

Virtual location

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Meet the Trainers

Debra McLean, Wise Associate

Debra is passionate about seeing all people obtain employment. She has been intrigued with community building and person centered planning as a way to see individuals with disabilities succeed in jobs that fit them since 1988. She has worked on a number of projects involving people with disabilities and employment. Debra provides training and consultation on employment and person centered planning in Washington and Oregon, and she has taught classes on these topics at Portland State University in the Teacher Education Program and for Highline Community College. She has worked with schools, families, agencies, businesses, and individuals, both in the U.S. and in Australia. Debra holds an MS in Rehabilitation Counseling and Deafness, and she is an enthusiastic walker and family member.

David Murahashi, Wise, Training & TA Manager

David has been a Training & Technical Assistance Manager at Wise since 2022 and has worked in the disability field since 2009. David’s work is inspired by his sister who experiences Down syndrome and his own journey after a brain injury. He found his calling after job coaching students in School to Work which led him to pursue a degree in special education. He has developed programs and curriculum designed to help people with disabilities and their families prepare for future life and employment in their community. He finds joy in facilitating Person-Centered Plans (PCP) that help individuals find their voice and help them make their hopes and dreams a reality. David has a strong belief that with the right support, all people have the skills, abilities and right to live, learn, work, and play in THEIR community.

Katherine Titus, Wise, Senior Training & TA Manager

Katherine Titus has 23+ years of experience working with individuals who are planning for work. Katherine has worked with individuals, families, Counties, the Developmental Disability Administration, DVR, employers, employment agencies and schools to promote equity and empowerment in lives, opportunities, and employment for all. Some of the work Katherine is experienced with includes facilitating person-centered employment plans, working with service providers and individuals in WA state, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and beyond to expand person centered, equitable employment practices. Additionally, she appreciates the opportunity to provide in-person and on-line training on person-centered plan facilitation, customized and supported employment practices, discovery, values and beliefs, and self-determination. 

Katherine’s strengths include supporting individuals through system navigation, person-centered planning, and advocating side-by-side with other advocates. She believes in working at a high level of optimism, discipline, and energy in all areas of life. Katherine enjoys spending free time with her family and large family of friends, is immersed in college football (Roll Tide) and will jump at any opportunity to travel and see new places.