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Jogo Behaviour Support Conference 2024

Early Bird Price until 31st January 2024 = £192.00 inc VAT

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Including refreshments and 3-course lunch

Each Registrant will also receive a copy of our new book - The Behaviour Toolbag

Welcome to the Jogo Behaviour Support Annual Conference 2024. We are delighted to invite you to Sedgebrook Hall for a day dedicated to inspiring and empowering professionals in behaviour support. This year, we have curated a unique blend of expert insights, practical workshops, and networking opportunities, all designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. Join us in embracing new ideas, sharing experiences, and contributing to a future where positive behaviour support makes a real difference. Let's learn, grow, and inspire together.

Attending the Jogo Behaviour Support Annual Conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain fresh insights from leading experts in behaviour support. Participants will benefit from dynamic workshops, thought-provoking keynote speeches by Suzanne Zeedyk and Dave Whitaker, and invaluable networking opportunities with peers. This conference is ideal for professionals seeking to enhance their skills, learn innovative strategies, and stay abreast of the latest trends in supporting positive behaviour change in educational, therapeutic, and family settings. Join us for a day of inspiration and empowerment.

Register now for the Jogo Behaviour Support Annual Conference and take advantage of our early bird offer, available for a limited time only. Secure your spot at a reduced rate and ensure your first choice of our inspiring workshops. Don't miss out – with only a few early bird spots remaining, act fast to join a community of professionals committed to making a difference in behaviour support.

Sedgebrook Hall
Pitsford Rd, Chapel Brampton, England NN6 8BD
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Mar 15, 2024 09:00am - Mar 15, 2024 04:30pm

Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk

Fierce Curiosity: Making Sense of the Debate about Tauma-Informed Practice

There is growing awareness of trauma-informed practice within the education community. Some teachers and schools are enthusiastically embracing this shift, while others are more cautious and sceptical. How can we make sense of this debate? That is the question Dr Suzanne Zeedyk will explore in this keynote address, by drawing on debates about children’s care from earlier moments in British history. They are all fascinating and discomforting stories, so she will be bringing to them the lens that she calls ‘Fierce Curiosity’. We will find there is lots to be learned from history we have forgotten that can help us in reflecting on challenges we face today.

Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk is a research scientist fascinated by babies’ innate capacity to communicate.  

Dave Whitaker

The Kindness Principle - Developing Relational Culture in Schools and the Power of Unconditional Positive Regard

During this keynote session, Dave will explore the importance of a school's cultural position and how important this is in relation to understanding children's behaviour. Taking a relational approach to 'behaviour management' is not a soft option and is never a trade-off against high expectations and standards. What lies behind children's behaviour are emotions and feelings. This session will help colleagues understand why relational practice is so important and why vulnerable children need love and kindness, even if this is often the most difficult option. Exclusion is easy - kindness can be difficult. Everyone can contribute to a school's culture and the influence this has on children's lives can never be underestimated. 

Dave is the Director of Learning for the Wellspring Academy Trust. 

Afternoon Workshops

This year, like the previous years, we present an exclusive opportunity to select one of four exceptional workshops, each a beacon of educational innovation. Will you delve into the complexities of relational practice with Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk's 'Relational Practice: What it is, Why it Works, and How to Support People When It Feels Uncomfortable'? Or explore the intricacies of emotional and behavioural challenges with Sonia Murray's 'Understanding & Supporting a Child with Social, Emotional & Mental Health Difficulties'? Perhaps unravel the nuances of the EHCP process with Gurvindar Samra or engage with the emotionally insightful 'Blob Tree' by Ian Long. Making a choice might be difficult, as each workshop is a unique chance to expand your expertise and transform your approach to education. Each session promises to equip you with invaluable skills and insights, making your decision both challenging and rewarding. Join us for an experience where every choice leads to inspiration and empowerment. Don't miss this opportunity to tailor your learning journey to your professional interests and make a significant impact in your educational career.