First Universalist Church of Denver

Mission and Vision

Guiding Lights Calling Us Forward

First Universalist is ready for an exciting future: a newly called senior minister, a modern building, powered by renewable energy, and a growing community. There is so much potential. We now turn our efforts toward renewing the unified statements of how we express our positive force inside our walls, and in the wider world.

Moderator & Minister Message

The Mission and Vision team is buzzing with excitement to share this video which features Rev. Eric Banner and Moderator John Ehrmann briefly setting the context and shared definitions of mission and vision as they relate to the Mission and Vision Renewal team’s process.

"There is a difference between wandering and being lost. The difference lies in the act of deep listening, to ourselves and to each other, to the spirit of life and love, of discerning who we are called to be, and then to name it out loud in a way that we’ll remember it, and let it guide us on our journey. As the poet Antonio Machado put it, ‘We make the road by walking, and it helps to have a place we are walking to, lest we get lost in the woods along the way."

Rev. Eric Banner

Mission and Vision Renewed

What is a mission? It is who we are and why we exist.

A mission is who First Universalist is to its members and the outside world. It guides us in deciding what specific change we hope to make, for what specific people, with what resources, to achieve our vision.

What is a vision? It is who we want to be

and where we are going together.

A vision is who we want to be and where we are going together. It tells people where we are going together, and what First Universalist will embody in five to ten years.

Why a Church Needs a Mission and Vision

A congregation requires a clear mission and vision as a compass, they provide direction. The mission outlines core values and impact, shaping the congregation's identity, while the vision sets long-term aspirations, creating a compelling image of the future.

Adapting for Tomorrow

First Universalist is updating its mission and vision this year to stay relevant amid changing needs and societal dynamics. An update ensures alignment with emerging opportunities and purpose among congregants. Regular revisions guarantee that these words stay relevant and representative of our people.

Implementing Our Mission and Vision

Our well-defined mission and vision inspire collective efforts, guiding us toward a shared goal of a more compassionate, just, and interconnected world.

First Universalist's Journey

With our updated mission and vision, we embark on a journey that impacts daily congregational life. Our mission guides actions and engagement, while our vision informs tangible goals, from community outreach to sustainable practices. These are actionable guides, steering us toward meaningful contributions and enriching our congregation's purpose.

Building a Purposeful Future Together

As we embark on this journey, our shared mission and vision stand as beacons illuminating the path ahead. With a united commitment to our purpose, let us join hands in building a congregation that reflects our deepest values and fosters a compassionate, just, and interconnected community.

Mission and Vision for Every Member

For each member, the mission and vision are essential guides, shaping personal and collective journeys. The clear mission provides purpose, fostering fulfillment by aligning daily lives with shared values. Simultaneously, an inspiring vision motivates each member to actively contribute, creating a more compassionate and interconnected world.

Quotes from Our People

Question: What will a clear mission and vision provide to you, the member of First Universalist?

Answer: "As a member of First Universalist, the clear mission and vision guide my spiritual journey, giving it purpose and direction. The mission shapes my identity with shared values, and the inspiring vision sets goals that fuel my enthusiasm to contribute, fostering togetherness. This clarity ensures my engagement extends beyond services, actively participating in a community dedicated to creating a more compassionate, just, and interconnected world, providing profound fulfillment and purpose."

Question: Why a renewed mission and vision now? Why is this important?

Answer: "A renewed mission and vision for our congregation is crucial, providing a fresh purpose in our ever-changing lives. It serves as a timely roadmap, aligning our values and aspirations, fostering a deeper connection among members. This renewal is about proactively shaping our future and embarking on a shared commitment to building a congregation that resonates with the challenges and opportunities of today."



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