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APRIL 2024

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Mobile Small Groups are a great way to get connected and stay connected during the week. When you click on one of the links below, you will join others from New Work Fellowship as we navigate and learn from God's Word... together!

Join as many groups as you want and engage as much as you like!

All mobile small groups are in association with the YourVersion Bible App and are available for download on mobile devices, accessible online, or even on certain smart home devices. Visit the link below for more information on the YouVersion Bible App and download the app today!

Heart Calming Prayer


No matter the challenge you're facing, you can always turn to God with your troubled heart. These Scripture-based prayers will shift your focus toward truth, restore your hope, and fill your soul with peace.


APRIL 1st - 5th

Grieving With Hope


Grief is a human experience and no one is immune to it. We grieve when we lose someone or a dream dies. It can strike at any point and is often when we least expect it. We’ll dive into understanding grief and learn how to process the different kinds we’ll go through.


APRIL 8th - 12th

Small Matters


This plan will help you adopt a new perspective that can unlock the potential inherent in small opportunities. The plan encourages you to become faithful with the little that you have as you grow your capacity to steward more. God wants us to be good stewards of what he has given us, but it starts with valuing what we have and putting it to work.


APRIL 15th - 19th

Foundations Of Faith


“Who is God?” “What is sin?” “Who is the Holy Spirit?” These questions are foundational to the Christian faith. So join us and, in this 5-day Plan, take a closer look at what Scripture tells us about the foundations of our faith.


APRIL 22nd - 26th

We exist so that every MAN, WOMAN, and CHILD would have the opportunity to KNOW Christ, GROW in Christ, and GO as the body of Christ.


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