Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical camp day look like?

Does Dig It provide food?

No, food is not included in your camp fees. We ask that you pack snacks and lunch according to your child’s camp day (outlined right). 

We have snack boxes for $6 that can be bought on camp days. They include a Go Go Applesauce, Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, a small water bottle, and a small construction vehicle.

What does my child need to bring to camp?

  • Backpack or Tote bag for all belongings
  • GRIP SOCKS! (bring your own or purchase for $4 at cashier)
  • Extra clothes & underwear
  • Water Bottle (we have a filtered water bottle-filling station)
  • Snack(s) & lunch

Who will be supervising my children?

At Dig It, your children will be supervised by a team of amazing crew members. Our staff is highly trained, CPR certified, and prepared for any emergency. But most importantly, they're all about creating a fun and nurturing environment where your kids can thrive!

What is the ratio of counselors to campers?

We keep our camp ratio at 1 counselor per every 10 campers (1:10). This ratio refers to our dedicated Camp counselors. It does not include the additional staff on-site: cashiers, managers, etc. 

Do parents have to stay?

No, Camp is intended to be a drop-off opportunity for parents. Take the time to go shopping or take a much-needed break for a bit. We got you!

Do parents have to leave?

No. At Dig It, we always have an open door policy for parents of drop-off kids. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible. You can stay to help your child (or you) transition. You can check in if you are close by. We will work with the needs of your family.

Do you ever take the children out of Dig It?

All Camp activities take place within the Dig It play space and classrooms. We will not leave the facility unless there is an emergency. (Emergency protocols will be shared with registered families.)

Does Dig It stay open to the public?

Dig It does remain open to the public for open play and field trips, with a controlled entrance. All drop-off kids are given a bright yellow construction vest as well as a plastic wristband (instead of paper) to designate they are a part of camp. There is a crew member stationed at the front gate checking wristbands of all who enter and exit. Children can only leave with their designated pick-up person. 

How many campers will you have at one time?

This is our second year of camp. Last year our camps were on the smaller side 20-25 children at most. We are hoping to have more this year. Our camp capacity is about 60 kids, again with keeping the ratios as low as possible.  

Will you separate ages?

Based on our group size and age range, we may separate by age, but we may also separate by interest. There is so much value in mixed-age learning and playing and our crew will always put safety first.

What will my child be learning at Camp?

Dig It is a STEM/STEAM-inspired play space. Inherently, these topics will be at the core of what we do during camp. Play-based STEM learning can take many shapes: science, art, physics, engineering. All are possible in our play space.

Do we accept children with special needs?

We proudly accept children who are neurodivergent or differently abled. We ask those families to reach out for a personalized conversation to discuss how to best set up your child for success in our camp. Email Dig It Management at [email protected].

What is your sick policy?

We ask that children who are ill stay home and if your child were to become ill while at Camp, we will call to have them picked up. Makeup days will be offered based on availability. If your child must miss multiple days, please provide a doctor’s note and the fees can be held as a credit for future use.

What is your cancellation policy?


On or before June 30, 2024: You may cancel camp bookings and receive a full refund, less card processing fees.

After June 30th: No refunds. Rescheduling and make-up days are subject to availability.