Join student leaders from across the nation for this year’s Fall Leadership Conference Series to learn how you can live a life that multiplies – a life that goes beyond just yourself. A successful life is achieved through 100% leadership health, but it doesn’t stop there! The best leaders learn how to multiply their influence and impact to those around them.


1) Advisors will register their students below. After registration closes on October 16, advisors will receive the links for the workshops to forward on to their own students.

2) The Opening Session will be on Saturday, October 24 at 11:00 AM Eastern. The Opening Session will include a welcome from the Presidents of all of the state officer teams, a networking event provided by Team Tri, and then a state meeting for our state.

3) For the rest of the conference series, students can choose to attend any and all of the 11 workshops provided. Some are provided by Team Tri and some are sponsored by the state officer teams from each state. Students do not need to pre-register for these workshops, but will need the link provided from their advisor. Each workshop is capped at 1,000 participants, so students need to make sure to arrive on time (or early!)

4) As you can see, some details are still being worked on for some of the workshops. Check back on these slides for updates and workshop descriptions!

5) Throughout the conference, students will participate in The Quest powered by Goosechase. Students will download the app and compete in a virtual trivia and scavenger hunt game with students from the 5 other states. Prizes will be awarded to the top competitors!

6) Each Advisor who registers will be given free access to Team Tri’s On-Demand Leadership Development platform starting on November 16. The directions and the link will be provided after registration closes on October 16. 

7) Advisors will also receive a link to forward to the students to enter their information to obtain a certificate of attendance for the workshop they attended. 

8) To recap: After registration, advisors will receive:

a. Links for the workshops

b. A link for students to obtain certificate of attendance

c. On Nov. 16, directions for access to the On-Demand Leadership Development Program

9. If you have any issues registering your students, email Devin at