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Begins September 19, 2022

The Galatian church was heading into dangerous waters and embracing a legalistic theology. They were pressured from the outside by a group called the “Judaizers.” This group sought to rob believers in the churches at Galatia of the grace Jesus came to give. But the apostle Paul knew the bondage of living under the law. He knew what it was like to have no freedom. So, he would defend the true gospel with everything inside of him. He sought to free the Galatian believers from legalism and slavery.  Many believers today are also chained up. Slaves. Prisoners. And many don't even know it. Join author and Bible teacher, Sheryl Pellatiro, for this 6-week study into the book of Galatians to learn important tools that will help us to live in the freedom Jesus came to give us.

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Sheryl Pellatiro is the founder and director of Solid Truth Ministries, a ministry committed to empowering believers with solid truth. She has been teaching and writing Bible studies for thirty years, ministering to hundreds at a time. Sheryl has a thriving online ministry that includes weekly Bible teachings. 

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