What We Are Learning


We will be reviewing sentences and sentence parts in grammar, with our test this week on nouns on Wednesday. We have reviewed many different types of nouns in class. We will have our Spelling test on Friday. The children have to spell all words and write several sentences in dictation for a grade. Please have your students review these words nightly at home and complete the written homework in Spelling that is due daily. Please check your child's weekly calendar for assignments and worksheets.


We will be learning about character traits this week in our stories. Please refer to the email I sent last week regarding Reading. Please make sure your child is completing the nightly reading assignment of 20 minutes. You may want to ask your child comprehension questions on the material they are reading. I have books available in my room for checkout. Also the students are able to practice their online reading skills by getting into the I-Ready program at home. Please ask if your child does not know the code to get in. Progress Reports will be emailed on Friday, September 9.

Social Studies:

We are learning about rivers and mountains of the United States. The students need to know the 6 main rivers of our country and characteristics about the two major mountain ranges.



What We Are Learning


This week, students will be working with fact families in division and making the connection with multiplication. Please study multiplication and division facts nightly with students. Students will be monitored on multiplication fact fluency. Strategies to help with multiplication include skip counting (4, 8, 12), repeated addition (4+4+4=12), and grouping (3 groups of 4 equals 12). Continued practice with multiplication facts will help with the division facts. We will work on division for the next three weeks. Students will take the Lesson 5 Quiz on Friday.


This week in science students will review the types of rocks and other important vocabulary terms that we have learned about so far in the unit. Please continue to read through and study any papers that have gone home for review and study the study guide that was sent home for the second time on Friday.