As we spring into 2024, Artificial Intelligence remains at the forefront of discussions. We're excited to spotlight how some of our esteemed partners have seamlessly integrated AI into their solutions.

Dynatrace AIOps

Davis®, Dynatrace’s AI engine, continuously looks for issues and provides precise root cause, so resolution can happen in minutes, before they become expensive problems.

Get to the precise root cause and eliminate alert storms

Davis continuously evaluates billions of dependencies in milliseconds, automatically identifies problems, and performs automated root cause analysis that accurately identifies all issues related to a single root cause. Unlike traditional machine learning approaches, there is no guessing or time-consuming model training. With the root cause identified, you can fix problems before they impact customer experience, and have more time to innovate

Automatically understand dynamic cloud environments

Dynatrace continuously auto-discovers your changing environment in real-time. Davis detects entity relationships at start-up with zero manual configuration. Even containerized processes running microservices in dynamic Kubernetes environments are mapped automatically.

Deliver AI-powered answers from advanced observability data

Advanced observability combines contextual information with artificial intelligence and automation. Dynatrace extends the three pillars of observability (metrics, logs, and traces) with UX and topology information, so Davis understands the full context of the observed data and delivers precise answers. Open APIs provide easy integration of external data sources from your CI/CD pipeline, cloud platforms, and service management tools for even broader AI processing.

Dynatrace has been leveraging AI long before it became a trend, embedding it directly into the core of their solution. As a result, Dynatrace is extensively utilized by various state departments, including CDT, DOT, CalHR, and more.

Interested in learning more? Acuity has Dynatrace on CMAS and on SLP. Reach out to us to receive more information.



Grammarly uses the power of generative AI across all the spaces yo write. It’s the AI communication assistant that’s up to speed on your context and preferred writing style.

Accelerate your writing process

Reword in your voice

Brainstorm ideas or structures

Expedite your email replies

As an authorized Grammarly partner, Acuity has played a pivotal role in facilitating the seamless acquisition of this essential tool for numerous state departments. With Grammarly becoming a 'must-have' for many state agencies, we have assisted dozens of departments in efficiently obtaining the software they require. Learn why Grammarly is becoming a crucial tool for many state departments by reaching out to our team.

Invicti - AI-Enabled Predictive Scoring

Discover the power of Predictive Risk Scoring with Invicti. Invicti’s cutting-edge AI technology helps you identify which web applications to scan first, streamlining your security process. With this innovative feature, you can assess the risk level of each app before scanning, enabling you to prioritize your remediation efforts effectively. Stay ahead of potential threats and save valuable time and resources with Invicti's groundbreaking solution!

Learn how Invicti and Netsparker are helping California state departments by reaching out to our team

GitLab - Duo

GitLab has fully embraced AI and machine learning technologies throughout the software development lifecycle, positioning itself as the premier AI-driven DevSecOps platform. Since mid-2021, the company has been harnessing the power of AI and ML to enhance the capabilities of its platform, which is proudly referred to as GitLab Duo.

The name GitLab Duo embodies the synergy between users and GitLab AI, forming the ultimate dynamic duo. However, GitLab Duo is more than just an AI pair programmer; it represents a growing suite of features seamlessly integrated into the DevSecOps Platform. These capabilities are designed to empower teams across the software development landscape, enhancing efficiency and productivity at every stage.

  • AI is becoming more and more embedded in software development.
  • The vast majority (83%) of respondents agreed that it is essential to implement AI in their software development processes to avoid falling behind, and this was consistent across development, operations, and security
  • Organizations are using AI across the software development lifecycle — and that means more than code generation.
  • Developers spend 25% of their time writing new code. That means three quarters of developers’ time is taken up with other tasks beyond code generation.
  • Respondents expressed concerns around data privacy, intellectual property, and security.
  • There is concern around introducing AI into the software development lifecycle, but it’s not extreme: 32% of respondents were “very” or “extremely” concerned about AI being introduced into the software development lifecycle, while 23% were “not very” or “not at all” concerned. The largest proportion, 45%, were “somewhat concerned”

GitLab knows that streamlining software development is critical as time progresses and constituent expectation increases with more advanced technological advancement. We are proud to have GitLab on SLP. To learn more about how GitLab is changing the way software is developed, reach out!

Armis - AI-Driven Asset Intelligence Engine and Centrix

The integration of CTCI’s technology into Armis Centrix™ marks a significant advancement in global security early warning intelligence systems. In today’s rapidly evolving cyber risk landscape, organizations must adopt a new security posture to effectively address threats that pose substantial risks to their operations. By leveraging AI, dark web monitoring, dynamically generated honeypots, and human intelligence, Armis Centrix™ for Actionable Threat Intelligence surpasses traditional security measures, proactively identifying early indicators of attacks and exploits.

Armis boasts an Asset Intelligence Engine with over 4 billion asset profiles and millions of attack surface models. This wealth of intelligence enables Armis to provide real-time situational awareness and redefine active threat hunting capabilities through innovative predictive AI technology. With the ability to deploy thousands of honeypots optimized to the actual attack surface, Armis scrutinizes attack behaviors and tactics as early as the reconnaissance stage, often months before an attack occurs. Armis Centrix™ for Actionable Threat Intelligence empowers organizations to shift the balance, turning potential attackers into the hunted.

The proactive defense mechanisms of Armis Centrix™ for Actionable Threat Intelligence draw insights from various sources:

Dynamic Honeypots Deployment: Armis Centrix™ dynamically deploys purpose-configured honeypots into potential “hotspots,” allowing for the observation of malicious behaviors and techniques.

Dark Web Intelligence: By monitoring the deep and dark web for relevant “chatter,” Armis Centrix™ gains valuable intelligence into emerging cyber threats, enabling preemptive action.

Human Intelligence Integration: Leveraging human intelligence through strategic feeds, reverse engineering, and “listen posts,” Armis Centrix™ ensures unparalleled coverage and accuracy in threat detection.

By monitoring potential incidents in real time and proactively mitigating risks, Armis empowers organizations and government agencies to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Armis' solution is beyond definition, and it already being used by the state. To learn about Armis, and how it's on the path to change IoT as you know it, reach out to our team.